Meet Mr M.V. Narayan Entrepreneur of the year 2024 & Founder of NK Consultants,read his success story here

Meet Mr M.V. Narayan Entrepreneur of the year 2024 & Founder of NK Consultants,read his success story here


Wish you a very Happy New Year from Hello Mumbai News Team!

On the occasion of New year.In our Entrepreneurs series In this episode we are featuring success story of Mumbai based Buisness entrepreneur.we hope you will inspires after reading his  success story. Yes we are talking about Mr MV Narayan , a dynamic and popular Business Networker and Founder of NK Consultants.

M.V Narayan believes in action his  Starup supports Msme ,corporate houses and Builders to raise capital to run their business successful.

He has helped to many MSMEs,corporate houses and Builders and has provided her services .
So guys don’t waste your time please read his success story .

Hello Mr Narayan ,Thank you for joining the interview with us today
Could you Introduce yourself for our readers.

I myself M V Narayan, Director, NK Consultants, our Firm has been working with Individuals and Corporates in the field of Consultancy and Financial Planning, since last 35 years.

Currently, specializing in Equity Funding, Protection and Growth Management ,  Business Scale-up for Business Owners. We , also, educate people on alternate asset investment like Blockchain Technologies.

I am a MBA graduate with a corporate experience of 10 years, in the IT industry. I started a software consultancy business selling specialized applications , since last 20 years. In 2001, moved to the Life Insurance industry with Tata-AIA Life and now, Bajaj Life Insurance.
Now, am a self-employed professional with 2 verticals – Financial Services and Business scale-up, focusing on SME sector.
Hello Mumbai News:What Inspired to start your Business. ?
I felt that I will do better as an Independent Business Owner rather than having a job. I was quite successful as a self-employed , having built a strong network , and gained a vast business knowledge.

Hello Mumbai News:Tell Something about your Start-up and how people can benefit from it. ?

Our Startup N.K Consultants has been working with Individuals and Corporates in the field of Consultancy and Financial Planning, since last 35 years.

Our mission is to empower people to build long-term Recurring income for Business and Family. To this extent, we work on Business Requirements and curate Solutions.

My start-up focusses on working with MSMEs in providing knowledge and give them the right solutions, as appropriate. Hence, I am connected with various business groups, industries associations and I attend the meetings. I , also, try to meet business owners , 121.
Hello Mumbai News: Where Does your Inspiration come from.
From our successful Business Leaders , both in India and abroad. I ,also, attend various self-development training programs , for knowledge and skill development.
Hello Mumbai News: Do you feel that in India there are enough structures and facilities put in place to assist women to expand their Startup Journey.

Not yet, but work is being done.

Hello Mumbai News :: What advice would you give to someone who are aspiring Entrepreneur.

Be positive work hard and increase confidence

Hello Mumbai News:: What’is your Future plans for 2024? Where do you see yourself after 1year ?
By 2024, I would have met at least 1000 SME Business Owners and provided free advice , wherever possible. By Dec 2024, I would have touched Rs 10 crore revenue.
Hello Mumbai News:: what are 3Key things that you have learned as an Entrepreneur in 2023.
Build trust and relationships
Focus on goal achievement , results follow.
Try to be a mentor to Business Owners
Hello Mumbai News:: Where our readers can find you and keep in touch with you..
9820346739 and

Hello Mumbai News:: what hurdle did you face in your business in 2023 and how did you overcome them.
In the beginning , I was trying to brush up my knowledge, in certain special areas and once I was confident, I am able to talk to business owners of any type.
Hello Mumbai News:: What’s is the USP of your Brand?
Specialized knowledge and being able to support Business Owners, under any sectors.
Hello Mumbai News :: Memorable day of Moment of 2023?
No idea.

An award presented by Association of Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs ( ABLE)

Rapid Fire:
:Favorite places – Kerala
Actor – Rajnikant
Actress – Nayantara
Person- Ratan Tata
Food – Wada Pav
Favorite Quote? From Zig Ziglar – You will get what you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want
17:What if you were given the power to change one thing from the world what would you change?
I want all under-privileged children to get high quality education, not just average education. This is the change I want to bring about,in India


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