Home Business Meet Suresh Mansharamani Founder of Tajurba Business Network,Best Business Coach, OKR, and Scale-up expert based in Gurgaon, India

Meet Suresh Mansharamani Founder of Tajurba Business Network,Best Business Coach, OKR, and Scale-up expert based in Gurgaon, India

Meet Suresh Mansharamani Founder of Tajurba Business Network,Best Business Coach, OKR, and Scale-up expert based in Gurgaon, India

In our Entrepreneur of the Month Series in this Episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and Popular face of Indian MSME and belives in Entrepreneurship Culture also promote And Support through his Tajurba Business Network platform yes we are talking about SURESH MANSHARAMANI – THE BEST BUSINESS COACH IN INDIA .He shared his Success story with us.

So Guys let’s start to read his Entrepreneurial Journey we hope his success story will Inspire to all.

Who doesn’t need a mentor? Even the most intelligent mind seeks guidance. However, it is very crucial to find the right mentor for the right resolution you are looking for. And, when it comes to business owners, they are not exceptional. Every Business owner with the best of the best ideas looks for suggestions and guidance to ensure that their ideas are executed in the right way. An expert and an experienced mentor undoubtedly is the most treasured resource any business owner can find. So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a growing business owner, are you able to find the most valued resource for your growth?

 Suresh Mansharamani, Best Business Coach, OKR, and Scale-up expert based in Gurgaon, India. He assists individuals and businesses achieve their Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) in 90 days using OKR systems. Mr. Mansharamani is a serial entrepreneur with more than 42 years of experience.
Suresh Mansharamani is a well-regarded speaker, mentor, and business coach. He has more than 42 years of expertise in the business world and has worked for a number of prestigious organizations, including SBI, Niva Bupa, and Paras. He founded Tajurba Business Network in 2017 with a vision to connect 10 million SMEs in India with the Tajurba Platform.
His experiences today have made him a practiced business coach and thus he is imparting strategic knowledge to knowledge seekers.
Suresh Mansharamani is well known for his proficiency in marketing, sales, and leadership development techniques. In addition to guiding numerous people and companies to success, he has trained over 5000 business owners and executives from a variety of industries.
Business Coach Mansharamani says, “Doing business without profits is like drinking soup with a fork. That means a lot of hard work without any fruitful results.” Indeed, scaling up in a business is the utmost requirement for any business for lifelong survival. However, no business is free from challenges.



File picture of
File picture of Suresh Mansharamani, with her Wife Umaa.

Therefore, he addresses all the challenges faced by the business owners and guides them in one on one or group sessions. Suresh Mansharamani does not believe in mere lectures which he terms ‘Gyan’. He believes in helping businesses attain massive results in just 90 days.
He is the only OKR coach in the world to have taught SMEs and individuals how to use OKRs. The majority of his clients were able to quadruple their revenue in 90 days and increase it seven to ten times in a year.
Suresh Mansharamani is widely known for and highly sought after for his Signature Program which has benefitted numerous Business Owners. His signature Program includes the following topics-
Money Mindset & Beliefs
Triple Your Sales P
How to Find New Ideas
Effective Sales & Marketing
Systemize Your Business
Funding for Your Business
Building a Winning Team
How to Achieve 1000 Crores Plus Valuation for Your Company
Preparation for IPO
Get Listed at SME Exchange, BSE/NSE
Life after IPO: How to Stay Rich for Life!
Business Coach Suresh Mansharamani runs 4-hour immersive learning Business Acceleration Boot camp wherein he conducts his Signature Program.
Suresh Mansharamani was born in a refugee camp in Maharashtra. He began his career with a position paying just Rs. 300 per month and then went to work for his company which rose to 300 times oversubscribed IPO in 1995 and his company got listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, followed by a Presidential Award. Today he is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Business Coach, OKR Coach, Scale-up Specialist and Author of 8 Books.

Mentor Suresh Mansharamani was also honored with the title of Best Sales Coach of the year in 2021 by Entrepreneur Magazine in India.
His massive mission to help MSMEs learn and grow is widely valued in the country. Suresh Mansharamani is not only a Business Expert, but also one of the best motivational speakers in India.
Suresh Manasharamani is the only coach in India who has effectively applied OKR strategies for more than 5000 SMEs and individuals throughout the nation. He has fascinated hundreds of eager, ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs who seek his expert guidance.
Indeed, Suresh Mansharamani is a dedicated coach and so, is highly recognized as the best Business Coach in India. He has proven to be a significant resource to many business aspirants, start-up founders, and small and big Business owners.


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