Home Press Release Mumbai : EUME Launches a new Range of Massager Backpacks, read detailed story in ‘ Hello Mumbai News ‘

Mumbai : EUME Launches a new Range of Massager Backpacks, read detailed story in ‘ Hello Mumbai News ‘

Mumbai : EUME Launches a new Range of Massager Backpacks, read detailed story  in ‘ Hello Mumbai News ‘

EUME Launches a new Range of Massager Backpacks
Unveils a series that scores high on Style and Cool quotient to keep millennials unstoppable
World’s first built-in massager and anti-stress backpack EUME has launched an all new series of backpacks to allow consumers to push their limits all while bidding farewell to back pain. By offering the luxury of on – the – go massage, the variants are ergonomically designed, stylish in nature and no less than a fashion statement. From the likes of the entry-level novice massager backpack user to the fancies of the adventure junkie, EUME has got all these needs covered.
EUME has also been granted a patent from the US patentship office, emerging as the World’s First Innovative Adaptable Massager Backpack. The brand will soon be featured on Good Morning America the Emmy-winning morning news program by America’s most leading production house.  EUME will be the first Indian luggage brand to be showcased on the channel and highlight concerns pertaining to spinal health and emphasize on the need for brands to launch a proposition that focuses on the consumers’ physical wellbeing.
The latest range of EUME backpacks includes the following:
Propine Massager Backpack:
Highly functional and light in weight, the Propine is for entry-level backpack users. It maintains its shape and allows airflow to keep one sweat-free. This backpack is perfect for long hour commuters, is budget-friendly and perfect for the calculated spender.
Wave Massager Backpack:
This one is for the spirited youth who believe in standing out of the clutter. These color contrasted massager backpacks are for millennials who love to be trendsetters and wear their swag as they conquer the dreams. Be it college or first day of work, Wave Massager Backpack  will surely make one the talk of the town.
Barret Massager Backpack:
The rectangular Barret Massager backpacks come with graphic clad panels that are cool and quirky. The ultimate pick for bike rides, these are bold in colors and will leave one feel rejuvenated while one wheel across the lanes of the city. These are also good as laptop carriers owing to its structure.
Ease Massager Backpack:
As the name suggests, the Ease Backpack has been specifically curated for everyday use, to alleviate ones pain and help to combat day to day hardships. The oval shaped backpacks are spacious and good for photographers and other technicians who have equipments to carry to work every day. They are large in size yet easy on the back. This backpack is here to share ones load.
Sapphire Massager Backpack:
A range especially created for women ahead of women’s day, these backpacks portray the various shades of a woman, are sturdy and available in a slew of colors. While the blue symbolizes the calmness and confidence of a woman, the red signifies her grit, passion, energy, strength and her unwavering love. The purple, her independence and power, while the pink, her exuberance, femininity and nurturing nature. The ultimate gift to a mom, daughter, bestie or sister, these anti – stress massager backpacks will ensure that she has stress-free day.
Move Massager Backpack
For the hikers, the trekkers, the travellers and the wanderlust, the Move Massager backpack is a ‘camper’s’ best friend and can accommodate upto 40 litres of content. It is rugged, durable and can withstand most harsh weather conditions. It is not only well compartmentalized but has sections for ones toiletries, garments, wet clothes and shoes too.

About EUME:
Founded by Sanjay Parekh and Naina Parekh, EUME is the world’s first built in massager backpack that caters to the needs of evolving India. It has also recently been granted a patent from the US patenship office. With a legacy of over 49 years, the brand is a venture of Avon Group, one of the leading umbrella manufacturers and Travel Trolley Bags manufacturers in Mumbai as well as umbrella and Bags suppliers in India. Employing their expertise in superior quality products, extensive market knowledge, and customization as per evolving needs, the brand envisions to add value in the lives of their customers. Merging aesthetics with functionality, EUME aims to be both appealing and high on comfort and is set to be a game – changer in the travel gear segment.

Exclusive Picture of the Product.


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