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    Mumbai : New India to organise Ashwamedha Yagna to attract the world’s attention, Ajay Harinath Singh spearheads the event

    New India to organise Ashwamedha Yagna to attract the world’s attention, Ajay Harinath Singh spearheads the event
    • Bobby Chemmanur and Maridonna to be part of Ajay Harinath Singh’s Ashwamedh Yagna
    • History & Mythology revisits with Darwin Platform Group Chief Ajay Harinath’s legacy and Kshatriya glory
    • Ajay Harinath Singh, Youth Business Icon, to spearhead new age Ashwamedh Yagna with dominant business connotation

    Mumbai, March 4, 2020
    Ajay Harinath Singh, Chairman and Managing Director of Darwin Platform Group of Companies never that his lineage from Lava, son of Lord Rama and Suryavanshi Rajput would be so relevant in the modern world as well. Darwin chief is now all set to spearhead a new age Ashwamedh Yagna with dominant business connotation. Boby Chemmanur International group with interest in jewellery, NBFCs, real estate and resorts, and globally acknowledged Maridonna have joined hands with Ajay Harinath Singh to revisit India’s history and mythology especially connected with legendry Kshatriya Clan.
    According to sources, preparation for the Ashwamedh Yagna is in full swing and it would mark Lava’s dominance. The Yagna would also manifest the dominance of Singh in the new age.
    The event would be a perfect amalgamation of Royalty and Business houses. Apart from Boby Chemmanur and Maridonna, nine royal families and Mahamandleshwar ( Religious and spiritual heads) would be part of the mega event which showcases the strength of a young business tycoon who comes from Lava’s lineage.
    According to sources, the preparation for the Yagna is in full swing. The organisers are silent on its dates and detailed agenda. However, it is reliably learnt that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given his consent to be the chief guest at the Yagna and people would come to donate gold for the event as it was practised in Ancient India. The event would mark an unprecedented function because of the presence of Ajay’s friend Boby Chemmanur, Maridonna, Ronald Sachin, and other business luminaries across the world.
    The first of its kind mega event would witness the participation of over eight crore people. Only Maha Kumbh in India has witnessed such a huge gathering in the country at a particular location.
    Sources also said that Union Home Minister Amit Shah has already instructed all security agencies to maintain law and order during the event. Adequate security force would be deployed during the Awashmedha Yagna. All ministries, dealing with transport, have been instructed to take care of transport services for the participants. Traffic and other arrangements would be monitored at the highest level. To feed over 8 crore people, an adequate quantity of food is being arranged. Being a religious event, for Havan ( Fire ritual), the organisers are little concern to arrange to required items in time.
    The whole preparation, schedule and agenda have been kept under the carpet so far. Sources said that everything will be disclosed very soon.
    Commenting on the Yagna, Ajay Harinath Singh said, “He never realised that his lineage of Lava (Son of Lord Rama) would one day connect him so deeply with the people of India and he would be admired by business houses of the world. Ideals of Rama and Buddha still dominate the world. The Yagna would be just of wider manifestations this fact.”
    Ramayana, the great Indian epic, says Lava belongs to the Ikshvaku clan or Suryavansha Dynasty of Kshatriyas in ancient India and Singh’s caste Survanshi Rajkumar Kshatriya Rajputs claim their descent from him (Lava). With such a glorious lineage, Singh is passionate for nation-building through strong business models. Hence, the Indian business conglomerate plans to expand its businesses globally. Ashwamedha Yagya would once again unleash the hidden strength of India’s leadership position to the world.



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