Mumbai : Mumbai Nai gaon :Robbery averted at Muthoot Finance Naigaon branch,details here

Mumbai : Mumbai Nai gaon :Robbery averted at Muthoot Finance Naigaon branch,details here

Robbery averted at Muthoot Finance Naigaon branch

Mumbai, 06th February 2020: Muthoot Finance Ltd., India`s largest gold loan company averted robbery at its Naigaon branch in Mumbai due to its advanced security system.

Three intruders broke open branch managers’ cabin wall by making a hole in it and tried to disable the CCTV cameras installed in the branch. They attempted to break the strong room door but they did not succeed as the burglar alarm started and the telephone numbers of the branch staff were activated.

Staff at Central Surveillance System and Vigilance Officer got calls about the burglary attempt and they informed the local police station, who reached the spot quickly. Police succeeded in catching two intruders while one intruder ran away by shelling stones and bricks on the police personnel.

On the incident, Mr. Alexander George Muthoot, Deputy Managing Director, Muthoot Finance said, “Though the intruders caused damage to our office equipment and infrastructure in the branch, they were unable to open the strong room. Our best in class security system, efficient burglary alarm system alerted our Central Monitoring Station which in turn alerted our 24*7 Central Surveillance System. We are thankful to the police authorities for taking timely action.”

“Our Naigaon branch is currently functioning normally providing regular services to our Customers.” he added further.

The police investigation is in progress. This incident demonstrates that the company`s security systems are in place and the vigilant staff can save valuable assets in time of danger. The incident also sets an example for other staff members to remain security cautious and vigilant at all times. 


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