Home Business Mumbai : Sanjay Madan, Founder, Karodpati Club shares 4 Karodpati wealth Secrets ,On Hello Mumbai

Mumbai : Sanjay Madan, Founder, Karodpati Club shares 4 Karodpati wealth Secrets ,On Hello Mumbai

4 Karodpati wealth secrets .


4 Karodpati Wealth Secrets :

1) *The Rich & Successful Karodpati lnvests & Manages his Money well*

a: They work SMART & make their Money work Hard for them

b: They invest Money on income producing Assets like Businesses, Real Estate & Latest Trends( Online Education, Digital Marketing, Electric Car charging Stations)

c: They create MULTIPLE SOURCES OF INCOME ( Rent, Intrest, Dividend, Partnership share of profits)
They create “Passive Income*

d: The Rich recognize Value, They identify & attract Value Investments which give blockbuster & multibagger Returns.
They also deliver Value to customers to attract Money
They work on Increasing Net Worth vs monthly or annual income
4 Karodpati Wealth Secrets :

2) *The Rich & Successful Karodpati Programs his Mind for creating a Belief System, Blueprint, Value system, Baselines & Codes that Attract Wealth*

The Unsuccesful may have belief systems that Repel & Push away Money & Wealth.

They may have negative beliefs some of which are(For full list message your email id & Mobile number)

a: Money is the Root cause of all evil

b: To be rich you have to do something wrong

c:A penny saved is a penny earned.

d:I am not good with Money

e:You need a lot of money to be an investor… Wealth comes from Destiny… You cannot learn skills to be Rich
4 Karodpati Wealth Secrets

3) The Rich & Successful Karodpati Loves himself, Loves Money, is a Sales & Marketing Expert, Promotes himself, his Business & Values
4 Karodpati Wealth Secrets

4) The Rich & Successful Karodpati Invests on Himself & on upgrading his Skills
He knows his Business Or Financial Status is only as good as he is… So he focuses on becoming Better
The Outside Results are magical as he is working on himself on the Inside by enhancing his abilities
Sanjay Madan, Founder, Karodpati Club shares 4 secrets that the Rich & Successful have access to…


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