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Mumbai : Soft skill in demand in corporate sector Says Mr.Thomas, the CEO of ‘DOKEOS’


Thursday, 18th July at Sasmira College Worli. The students of the MBA and Fashion Design programs were gathered to attend a talk by Mr. Thomas De Praetere and Ms. Christine Amory from DOKEOS; a premiere Paris-based e-learning platform.
Mr. Thomas, the CEO of DOKEOS, enthralled the students in an engaging discussion on ‘Soft Skills in the Corporate Sector’, throwing in interesting anecdotes from the NASA moon mission and the Harry Potter series. An e-learning course from the in collaboration with Scotland based Curriculo Solutions.
Soft skills, an essential yet often overlooked skill set in both corporate and personal sectors; is increasingly demanded by top MNCs during job interviews and the course of one’s professional career.
The Dean of Sasmira College Dr. Kamal Tandon was the most gracious host, and spoke with fervour of his vision of taking Sasmira to international heights. Ms. Rupali More, Head of Management Studies at Sasmira Group of Institutions, was of great assistance in putting the event together. Ms. Shweta Mandhana, the India head of DOKEOS and the organiser of the event, gave her closing notes on the effectiveness of the course and thanked the students for their enthusiasm.
An insightful morning in totality, it left the students with enough food for thought, allowing them to ponder if they are the proverbial Harry or Ron in their peer group, and if so, what insight they bring to the table. In the rat race of neck-to-neck competition, self-awareness seems to be key to adding that extra edge to one’s professional trajectory.


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