Past life Regression by Manisha Agarwal ,On Hello Mumbai

Past life Regression by Manisha Agarwal ,On Hello Mumbai
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News Input by : Gayatri Sardana :

We are once again back with famous tarot card reader and hypnosis therapist Manisha Agarwal.
In the past we have already covered topics such as tarot card reading and Family Constellation ,and
Today,we will have an in-depth discussion on past life regression therapy. Manishaji please tell us :

What is Past life Regression?
Past life regression is a holistic healing modality which uses hypnosis as the basis to take the
client into trance and regress to past lives addressing a particular issue which is recurring
or some physical emotional issues which needs to be dealt.

How it can be useful in day to day life?
Past life regression is based on the law of karma. It help us to understand the root cause
of the recurring patterns in life Therefore it helps to overcome fears and phobias for which an individual
dosen’t find any origination in this life. To add on this, I must say that these fears and phobias
might be a result of the past life / lived incident or traumas.

Can regression be performed on any age group or has a specific age limit?
No there is no age limit in a way children are the most wonderful and easiest personalities to
enter into trance .They trust the process and themselves completely which enables them to
access all the knowledge in the subconscious mind with ease and grace. On the other hand
grown up or the intelligent people are pessimistic and suspicious by nature and are unable to
enter trance state as they are always doubtful about whether they are into trance or not and
are very judgemental . In fact at times they block themselves from experiencing oneness
into the trance state.

What is the technique used in regression?
If we talk about the technique we take Client through hypnosis but there is a fear about
hypnosis that an individual doesn’t remember anything , but in actual it’s not like that .
An individual is aware of what’s happening with them and they have control on it. Some of
our Client’s doesn’t share us the true story about their experience at that time.
But I would request everyone to please not hold things and share everything honestly to
your therapist so that they can heal your issues.

Is regression just one type or there are other types of regression as well?
Basically for regression we use hypnosis to take client into trance, but every therapist has his
or her own style to work.

Does regression helps us to release our “Karma” as well?
Yes , but first of all karma is not a punishment it is a self corrective mechanism. It is a measure
taken by our higher self to teach us different lessons in different life time. Hence through past life
we start understanding why this is happening with us. I have met many Client and some of
them always says “ Why me “ then through regression we take client in that life time, to show them
the root cause of that problem. But once they understand the reason behind it, he or she stops

How many sittings are required to perform a regression?
Again in this field it’s very difficult to predict how many session client needs. Sometimes the issue
is so intense that we need more sessions .But definitely it resolves clients issue from the root.
Therefore it depends from person to person

Manishaji is it possible that a person gets stuck in the state of trance and unable to come back to
Gaytri, no matter how deep the person is undergoing through trance, regression always comes
back to normal walking consciousness very naturally. This is like a person waking up after a dream.
Past life Regression can be also described as an experience of watching a movie as while watching a
film an individual is absolutely sure that you cannot be stuck in the movie characters even though
you are completely immersed in the film.

Are all problems helped by the past life therapy?
It is not always necessary to discover our past life in order to live a better life in the present.. Not all of
our problems have their sources in the past .Many people have enough understanding about themselves
without delving in the past so that they can live this life in a healthy fulfilling way.

Well that’s all for today. On coming Thursday we will discuss on how inner child issues effects current
Situation. In case if you wish to consult Manishaji or desire any particular topic to be covered .

please feel free to email Manishaji on
You can also contact her on 9867148399.


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