Sahib Realty Is Being An Eminent Force In Realty Sector Which Is On The Verge Of Transforming Mumbai City Into Singapore

Sahib Realty Is Being An Eminent Force In Realty Sector Which Is On The Verge Of Transforming Mumbai City Into Singapore

Sahib Realty is being an eminent force in Realty sector which is on the verge of transforming Mumbai city into Singapore.

Sahib Realty does not need an introduction as it is one of the most trusted and respected names in the Realty sector. Shekhar Tolani, the Managing Director of Sahib Realty is an elite name in the Realty industry. He is a visionary and under his leadership, he has steered the group Sahib Realty towards new heights. The visionary has great plans to transform Mumbai city into world-class cities like Singapore and Hong Kong.

Speaking to Hello Mumbai News, Shekhar Tolani said, “If space-starved cities like Hong Kong and Singapore can be transformed into world class cities then why not Mumbai? According to me the island city of Mumbai has utilized all land, and with least green patches.

Redevelopment is the only logical way forward, as it can also improve the inventory for quality human living.” He added, “Redevelopment according to me is the way ahead across the country, most notably in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Pune. Just see how the sprawling development on the outskirts of Pune is demanding for a holistic solution within the periphery of the city.”

Informing about his company he said, “We believe in the idea of localizing global expertise and adhering to the best practices in real estate. Sahib Realty started in 2012, our operation encompasses various aspects of real estate development. The company specializes in inland services, acquisition and disposals, liasoning services, governmental liasoning, and land procurement. Our effort is to serve real estate in a cost-effective as possible by felicitating one window clearance for real estate players.”

Specifically pertaining to Bandra- Khar redevelopment scheme, when asked whether more supply bring the prices down in Bandra- Khar, Shekhar explains, “It may not bring down the prices because in the overall demand-supply dynamics, the rate at which people are flocking to Mumbai, demand will always outpace supply. Moreover, the price is a factor which is determined by many other things, supply increase just being one. However, with sprawling slums across major micro property markets of Mumbai, the Bandra- Khar stretch can take the lead in beautifying the city. Redevelopment according to me is the only way ahead across the country.”

Informing on his future plans Tolani said, “Our Company is coming up with a unique project in Mumbai suburbs, which will be a landmark in itself. It is in the planning stage as of now.” He added. “Our strong professional approach, specialization and in-depth understanding of today’s reality market make us experts in doing things at competitive costs. Currently, we are working with leading Developers of Khar Bandra Location.

Services offered by Sahib Realty Pvt. Ltd. are Real Estate Transaction, Land Acquisition, Joint Ventures & Investors, Property Management, Negotiations, Business Development & Strategy Planning, Relocation, Project Planning, Public Relations. We network with government officers from MHADA, SRA, BMC, Mantralaya, Civil Aviation matters. We are also planning to provide corporate Liasoning to leading corporate developers/builders in our services as expansion.”


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