ThatWare Innovates Traditional Digital Marketing With Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning Modules


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    ThatWare Innovates Traditional Digital Marketing With Artificial Intelligence And Deep Learning Modules

    New Delhi, India, April 16, 2019/Digpu/ —
    Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been lately changing the world and the way we look at it. AI may yet be a thing to understand for many but it has been impacting all spheres of the Digital Age world.
    When it comes to making sales and delivering services, all businesses – whether startups, large corporations or Fortune companies, depend upon SEO services for substantial sales figures. This is where AI seeps in businesses.
    THATWARE, a leader in AI-powered Digital Marketing across the globe has conceptualised 100% AI driven Digital Marketing solutions such as sales funnel hike, CRO, ORM, Rankings, advanced technical SEO and advanced on-page SEO. Their services are simple and affordable for various companies including many million dollar companies.
    THATWARE is founded by Tuhin Banik, a professional Digital Marketing expert and AI consultant. It has a team of thorough professionals working on various sectors ranging from semantics, NLP, data science, AI through to ML and advanced SEO. AI-driven marketing has delivered exemplary sales and revenue to their clients over the years.
    Commenting on the unique AI-DM concept, Mr Banik said, “There are endless marketing companies out there and so are AI companies. However, at THATWARE, we use 100% AI solutions along with data-driven strategies for effective marketing challenges for our clients. The end results of Information retrieval and data mining by using AI are matchless.”
    “At THATWARE, our biggest uniqueness is that our end goals for Digital Marketing are not just selling a service or package. We consider Google as the largest online marketplace which can help an online business to get the right exposure. Therefore, we provide customized smart search solutions with advanced techniques. We have helped many multi-million dollar companies with the right KPIs and the case studies can be shared with the people who are keen to get in touch with us.”
    On asking about future prospects, Mr Banik said,” We have taken a giant leap ahead. I along with Mr Sravan Mukka, are working on building the world’s first AI city. It will be a smart city that will have crucial functionality and systems that can solve the challenges faced by common people. It will help improve the lifestyle and living standard in general. The project requires an investment of $5M – $10M in the initial phase. We are currently open to investment enquiries for the AI City project.”
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