Typhoon Fincare Second Annual Business Meet held in Mumbai, read detailed story here Business Meet

Typhoon Fincare Second Annual Business Meet held in Mumbai, read detailed story here Business Meet


Hello Mumbai Business Desk :

Typhoon Finance Consultant Successfully organised “Typhoon Fincare Second Annual Business Meet at Bhayandar on 8th June.

The main highlight of this Business Meet it was attended by Entrepreneur, Start-up founders, Small Business owners,  NBCs Fintech Expert and people from finance and Banking sectors.

On this Special Occasion Tarun Deora Founder of Typhoon Finance Consultant acknowledged the achievements and Contribution of his own team and other partners who supported him in his start-up journey.

Tarun Deora Founder of Typhoon Finance Consultant In Conversation with Hello Mumbai News said, “ This is our Second Annual Business Meet our main motive to organise this Annual Business Meet to encourage and to support our partners and to deliver the importance of loans and Finance knowledge Through this Meet we recognized and their work “.

Mr Tarun further says Typhoon Fincare is a very good platform in finance sectors and Industry people recognise our service very soon in future we will focus on Fintech Sector.

” Our aim is to establish typhoon Fincare as digital sevy tech platform for both Our partners and customers to get easy access to credit and since India is one of the fastest growing fintech ecosystem in the world so we at Typhoon fincare want to continue with the mission of overall
financial inclusion in India.,” Said Tarun 

Tarun Deora with Sudeep Mondal

Usha Deora Co Founder of Typhoon Fincare expressed her view on this Achievement and said,” Through this Business Meet we want to create Corporate atmosphere in Finance Sector among the small Business owners including women Entrepreneurs from different fields “.

Another Co Founder of Typhoon Fincare Mr Mukesh Singh addressed the audience and thanked to all who suported in their journey,
” Our future is very bright and our support to our all business partners will be continued in future also “.

This 4 hours Business Meet was full of DJ Music Masti, Interactive Session.
Tarun Deora founder of Typhoon Finance also seemed in a very happy mood because 8th June was Tarun’S Birthday so the entire team of Typhoon Finance and guests wished Tarun on his birthday and celebrated part at the end of the Event.

During the Meet Channel partners and Business partners honoured with appreciation of Certificate

Picture Gallery of the Business Meet :



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