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5 Ways AI Is Useful for Your Small Business

5 Ways AI Is Useful for Your Small Business

Running a small business is always a gamble. You have invested hundreds of dollars to get it started, borrowed from your sponsors, and are just waiting while sitting on the edge to know how the results of trying out a new business strategy would come out. And this pressure is constant.

We are here to tell you that there is one strategy you need to implement in your small business: Artificial Intelligence. Large multi-million dollar companies, that do not need more recognition, fully utilize artificial technology to automate their day-to-day processes. We think that small businesses can also apply this in their daily routine,
However, before we go ahead, we want to bring your attention to the fact that when applying AI to your system, you need to constantly stay connected. While AI is just software that runs through your program, you still need a reliable internet connection to carry out your daily tasks in a timely manner.

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Moving on, let’s see how small business like yours can apply AI to your daily processes and take advantage of it:

You Can Manage the Expenses of Your Clients and Employees
Use the expense management tools i.e. an automated tool that allows you to keep track and record daily expenses that your business is making. It can be everything from traveling, client meetings and entertainment, purchase – any expenses that have something to do with your business – all automated.
AI take picture of the receipt from your smartphone and put it into the expense management tool to store and then gets reimbursed later. Such automation tools allow for zero human error as well as less time-consuming.

You Can Create an Email Contact List!
Instead of getting your employees to manually go through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media apps to collect a list of emails, you can just use AI software to perform such a task. Such an automated program accumulates all the data that you need without your employees scouring the web, trying to find contacts for your business.
Also, the AI software does it much, much faster than your slow-paced employee. What’s more, the AI software can also compile a list of information and organize them by industry, company size, revenue, and more to help with your email marketing strategy!

Reach Out To Prospective Clients Through AI Chatbots
With the help of automated live chats, brands can provide customer service 24/7, and as a result, there is no need for a human agent at all times. And the AI is designed to answer minor queries for customers.
Moreover, chatting with AI allows the system to filter out any prospective clients before they are directed to a live agent. That way brands can eliminate any leads that are dead-ends and optimize everyone’s time effectively.

Automate Your Basic Office Tasks
Back office tasks, that are mundane and do not require much processing, can also be performed by AI, such as scheduling for customers, sending a reminder for events/appointments coming up, recommending meeting spots with clients, etc.
You can utilize scheduling apps that consider roles, availability, overall labor costs, and seniority to merit building a weekly schedule for your workplace. You can even review it and modify anything to suit all your routines. That allows the app to learn your work habit to schedule your future appointments accordingly.

AI Makes the Job Easier for You
If you are running a travel company, you can use AI to recommend the best travel insurance plan to your customers, based on their trip details. You can collect their age, destination, cost of the trip, budget, traveling dates, etc. and AI provides an optimal plan for their trip.
AI uses stats like average medical cost, cancellation or delays of flights based on weather, crime rates in destination, food and accommodation costs in that area, etc. to recommend a plan that would best suit your customer.
The same can be said for e-commerce where AI recommends products to your customers based on the pages they visit, purchase history, wish lists, and preferences. Hence, whatever your industry or business, you can utilize AI technology to provide services that satisfy your customers.

Final Thoughts
It’s time now, for you to implement AI into your small business! Using AI will save so much time and money as well as provide a hassle-free work routine where information will be collected and provided promptly.
It also means that your tasks will be devoid of any human error and that while menial tasks are taken over by AI, your employees will have more time to work on pressing matters. Because your employees’ progress will reflect on the success of your small business.


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