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Aap came in support for Gaondevi people met with Minister.


By Aleem Shaikh

Kalina Assembly:- Gaondevi Slum Demolition Trauma

Today team members from Kalina assembly along with Gaondevi residential delegates visited to meet Housing Minister Mr.Prakash Mehta.
The meeting was arranged by Ms.Anjali Damania and it was with her intervention that Mr.Prakash Mehta agreed to meet.

Mr.Prakash Mehta was briefed about the issue of demolition and asked to intervene, as the demolition which was carried was a completely illegal way since no shifting was given to “Patra” residents people.Shops and residence which were there for last 50-60 years were demolished in very ruthless way.
Mr.Prakash Mehta said he would certainly look into same and take the matter on a priority basis with CM and would ensure all the people whose house and shops are demolished will be relocated. Also an important point that Mr.Prakash Mehta said was that the people whose house have been demolished need to be relocated within same area or within 3km of the same area.

The meeting was positive, hence looking forward for some early updates by early next week from CM Office with some relief to slum dweller.


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