AAP Mumbai’s Tiranga Yatra – commemorating India’s Constitution Day and paying tribute to the martyrs of the 26/11 Terror Attack


Hello Mumbai City Desk :

The Aam Aadmi Party today, held the Tiranga Yatra – a commemorative rally from Badi Masjid – Bandra West, to the August Kranti Maidan – Tardeo, to celebrate our Nation’s Constitution Day, and to honour the brave martyrs who lost their lives in the 26/11 Terror Attack. The procession was led by Mumbai Prabhari Preeti Sharma Menon and Pradesh Committee leaders Sumitra Shrivastav, Suresh Acharya & Ajay Singh; and witnessed the support of hundreds volunteers & citizens – who joined us in our tribute to the Indian Constitution and the 26/11 Martyrs.

Aam Admi party Tiranga Yatra Rally picture.

26th November 2021 is the 7th Constitution Day celebration for India, and marks 72 years of the adoption of the principles upon which our Nation was conceived. It is imperative now more than ever before that we recognise the importance of upholding the values of our Constitution. Laws are being passed by overruling Parliamentary procedure, the role of our Institutions is being diminished, and local governments are being dismissed. As citizens continue seeing their rights being trampled upon, it is essential for us all to reflect upon & reaffirm our founding principles; and to express our gratitude to the Father of our Constitution – Dr. BR Ambedkar – a venerated man who stood for liberty, equity and justice.

By founding the AAP on 26th November 2012, the founding fathers of the the Aam Aadmi Party wedded each & every volunteer and leader of the AAP to the Constitution; and we pledge to uphold the Indian Constitution above all else. On the other hand, sadly for Mumbai, this day is a reminder of the horrific terror attack that the city and the country bore. The 26/11 attack led to the death of more than 150 citizens & security personnel, and the tragedy of losing the lives of loved ones can never be forgotten. “Today, as we commemorate the Constitution Day, and honour the sacrifice of those who were martyred during the 26/11 terror attacks – we must reflect upon the values that our founding principles uphold, and realise that it is in the spirit & fabric of this Country that we find the capacity to endure, to fight adversities and to overcome them together.” said Preeti Sharma Menon, National Executive Member and Mumbai Prabhari.




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