‘Acting Ka Bhoot’ Hindi Feature Film Preview held on 28th September in Mumbai.

‘Acting Ka Bhoot’  Hindi Feature Film Preview held on 28th September in Mumbai.

All the actors including the technical staff of the film and the people connected to the Indian Film Industry were present.Film Acting Ka Bhoot was shot in Lucknow and its surrounding areas. In this film, Director Shashank Kumar has captured all the locations of Lucknow’s historical and modern Lucknow very well. Set against the backdrop of Lucknow, the film strikes a perfect balance between the Nawabi Tehzeeb of past Lucknow and the present Lucknow. Rajni Katiyar, who plays the role as main heroine in the film,
Is the daughter of lucknow. She was recently honoured with the Shan Betiyan Award of Awadh.


Actress Rajini katiyar

Rajni felt extremely excited to shoot in LUCKNOW as she cherished her childhood dream to become an actor. Rajini believes that if any work is done with passion, it can be achieved. She says that every beautiful building and identity of Lucknow, which she saw in childhood and lived with, has been decorated in a very beautiful way by director Shashank Kumar and cinematographer Bharani Kannan Ji.

on location shoot picture

While shooting in those places many a times she reminisced. She hopes that people of Lucknow will lead her on the path of progress with their love and blessings.

Apart a Director of the film, Shashank kumar is also a Partner of Mermaid Studio. Earlier Shashank Kumar worked as an assistant director and chief assistant director in the Indian film industry for many years.
During his struggle period, he has assisted many renowned directors notably, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Mohit Suri, and many more. He considers Shivam Nayar “ Naam Shabana” fame director as his mentor.

Shashank Kumar has struggled a lot in his early days. But as there is a saying say “Gold Shines” as much as it gets heated.
Shashank Kumar looks forward for a hit film now, so that, he could project his thinking, creativity and talent to the people.

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Shashank in Partner with Rajini Katiyar of Mermaid Studio established in December 2015 and after a lot of efforts, directed the first Hindi feature film “Burbak” produced under the banner of Mermaid Studio. The movie went on the floors in the month of march 2020 and got released in many places. The release of the film was at a time when the country was struck by Coronavirus-Covid-19 pandemic. Later it found a place in the OTT Platform and established Shashank Kumar and Mermaid Studio in the top rung of the Indian Film Industry.

Mermaid Studio’s second Hindi movie featuring Aham Sharma, Rajini Katiyar, Sanand Verma and many more eminent faces has shown their payoff.
It is based on a comedy crime and its songs are also amazing.
Acting ka Bhoot is going to streamline on OTT Platform soon and is getting appreciation from technical and others.
Shashank Kumar is working on the details of the film and says that it will soon be screened on the OTT Platform to entertain the audience.
Shashank says Mermaid Studios aims to entertain the audience with Creative and meaningful films.


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