Home International ADIafrica to host ICAWW 1st International Conference Waste to Wealth from 7 – 9 July 2022 in Belgium

ADIafrica to host ICAWW 1st International Conference Waste to Wealth from 7 – 9 July 2022 in Belgium

ADIafrica to host ICAWW 1st International Conference Waste to Wealth from 7 – 9 July 2022 in Belgium

Brief About the Conference:

Mission and Vision:

ICAWW series of International Conferences aims at addressing all major topics of transforming exhausted utilities into valuable commodities through efficient waste management. Generating wealth from waste has been recognized as a major challenge for all international organizations, for all countries in the globe, their governments, and their respective organizations. Moreover, this series of conferences aims at addressing in depth all issues and challenges in the application of circular economy and sustainability model in the world economy. These conferences are planned to create an international platform for fostering discussions in depth between experts, academics, practitioners, industries as well as policy makers in the field of efficient waste management and transformation to wealth via innovative waste-to-wealth industrial frameworks towards zero waste solutions and moreover, to contribute in depth in the discussions of circular economy and sustainability models realization.

The 2022 ICAWW International Conference from Waste to Wealth is targeted to become the premier forum for the presentation of technological advances, research results, new products, projects, and policies as well as successful case studies for transforming waste to wealth and developing sustainable circular economy worldwide.
The aim is to create synergy between academy, business, and policymaking in the field of turning waste into wealth. Representatives of businesses and organizations, engineers and scientists from industry, government and policy makers, academia professors, researchers and students who want to report novel scientific results, case studies, good practices, technological and commercial products advancements in the multidisciplinary areas of waste to wealth developments, circular economy and sustainability progresses are invited to attend the ICAWW Conference and interact with major worldwide experts.


1. Advances, new solutions and challenges in the management of Liquid waste, Solid Waste, Organic Waste, Recyclable Waste and hazardous Waste.
2. Research and policy making advances and challenges regarding UNEP Eight Issues of Concern for Chemicals and Waste Management.
3. Current issues in Circular Economy and Sustainability
4. The Circular Economy: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Concept and Application in a Global Context.
5. Review of the circular economy concept and the expected transition to a balanced interplay of environmental and economic systems.
6. Closed-loop production systems – sustainable supply chain approaches
7. How circular is the global economy? Proposed Metrics and Assessment of material flows, E-waste flows, waste production, and recycling in the European Union and the world
8. Effectiveness of the policy of circular economy in the world, overview of the progress and challenges
9. 5R framework application in waste management: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse and
Respond. Engineering and policy making challenges and roadmap
10. Green chemistry, catalysis, and valorization of waste biomass.
11. Current options for the valorization of food manufacturing waste
12. Sustainability and in situ monitoring in battery and critical products development.
13. New perspectives in Waste biorefinery models towards sustainable circular bio-economy
14. Bio-derived materials as a green route for critical metal recovery and re-use.
15. Recovery and recycling of lithium and other critical materials
16. Overview and description of technologies for recovering important in production chemical substances from wastewater.
17. Product services for a resource-efficient and circular economy
18. Creating integrated business and environmental value within the context of circular
economy and ecological modernization.
19. New Business models for circular economy, Product design and business model strategies for a circular economy.
20. Efficient Waste management and transformation to wealth engineering solutions and
21. Efficient Waste management and challenges for policy making.
22. Innovative industrial level waste transformations into wealth and their applications.
23. Value Based Recoveries from Waste Streams and Interdisciplinary Focusing on Waste to
24. Integration of climate change and circular economy.

The above subtopics are indicative. The participants could also prepare presentations in close or interdisciplinary areas.

In the frame of the conference there will be:

1. Keynote speakers from the world of academia, business and policy making
2. Plenary Paper presentation of academic research
3. Poster presentations of academic research
4. Plenary video or PowerPoint presentations of innovative businesses and organizations
5. Exhibition stands by innovative businesses and organizations
6. Panel discussion between representatives of academia, business, and policy making

The Keynote Speakers and Panel Members Keynote speakers

Opening of the conference by Dr Prince Dan Mbachi, International President ADIafrica, Nigeria

Speaker from UNEP to be announced soon
Speaker from University Ghent to be announced soon
Mr. Patrick Janssen, DungDung and Hairrecyle, Founders, Belgium.
Mr. Kimmo Kontuniemi, PlasticOil, Chief Business Development Officer, Finland
Dr. Peter Nitschke, Director for Community Partnerships, Plastic Bank, Canada
Prof. Ingrid Molderez, KULeuven, Centre for Economics and Social Entrepreneurship, Belgium.


Dr. Chris Sotiropoulos, Global Opportunities Commercialisation, Founder and CEO, Australia
Ms. Ingrid Rostad, Co- facilitator of NGO major group in United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), a policy advisor in Norwegian forum for development and environment, Norway.

Mr. Marnick Vanlee, Close the Gap, Senior Project Manager, Belgium.

Prof Dimitrios Karras, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA), School of Science, Associate Professor, Greece.

Dr. Neyara Radwan, Mechanical Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Suez Canal University, Egypt & King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.


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