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ADRM orders enquiry in Slab collapse of Railway colony Building


By Aleem shaikh ( santacruz East)

18 January 2017 was a horrific day for the residents of Railway Colony building no 154 at santacruz East when at 2 pm suddenly a portion of the slab fell down in the play ground. Fournately no one was playing in the ground.The control tower station is located in the same compund the officers from the Sr. Section Engineering Mr Rakesh and Mr Pandey were present in the office but they did not visit the spot although they knew about the incident which shows the irresponsible behavior of the officers.Residents of the colony rushed to the spot and inspected the site. After this incident the residents are worried because they Don’t have any other play ground and garden for their children and such type of incidents can happen again.

SEO Basar Shabana Feroz is fighting for the last 10 years for the welfare of the garden and have informed the DRM, ADRM, MP Poonam Mahajan , MLA Ashish shelar and all high level authority about the deterioting condition of the garden but she received only empty promises nothing much happened in reality.

After this incident Hello Mumbai news correspondent contacted Sauru parsaad ADRM Western railway he was very polite and assured us to conduct an enquiry into the matter and will take appropriate action against the contractor if he is found guilty of using poor quality material .


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