Home Maharashtra & Goa ADTOI Maharashtra Chapter Celebrates Silver Jubilee in Mumbai,Sudhir Patil and Irshaad Patel attends

ADTOI Maharashtra Chapter Celebrates Silver Jubilee in Mumbai,Sudhir Patil and Irshaad Patel attends

ADTOI Maharashtra Chapter Celebrates Silver Jubilee in Mumbai,Sudhir Patil and Irshaad Patel attends

Picture Gallery of the Event :

Dharmendra Singh ,Adtoi Maharashtra Chapter Head inuagrates the event.

Group picture of Adtoi Team Maharashtra Chapter .
Irshad Patel Maharashtra Leo Chapter Head of Adtoi with other women Entreprenuers.

ADTOI, is an established, reputed and a growing Association of Travel Agents. It celebrated its Silver Jubilee on Saturday 7 August in Andheri.

On the eve of the celebration, ADTOI Maharashtra Chapter Head Dharmendra Singh had invited many dignitiries and Travel Agents.

Among the Guests who made their presence were Sudhir Patil of Veena World and former MTOI President, and Irshaad Patel Leo Chapter Head of ADTOI.

While addressing the audience at the event, Dharmendra Singh, Maharashtra Chapter Head said, “from day one Sudhir sir had supported him”.
He further added, “I express my gratitude to Sudhir Patil for taking time off to attend the Silver Jubilee Celebration. He has been a source of encouragement and guidance towards me”.

Whereas Irshad Patel while adressing the ADTOI Members made it known that though she had joined ADTOI only two years ago, today is the appropriate time to celebrate Silver Jubilee adding that ” the very purpose of associating with ADTOI was to help the people as ADTOI is the right and Best Platform.
Morever, our women are shy and we need to empower and encourage them. I heartily appreciate the hard work put in by Dharmendra and his Enterprising Team.

Continuing further she  stated “Women Leo, my Portfolio is that “more women can come and carry out activities, do activity.we need; quality prople”.

“How can you grow yourself:
Start promoting within the organisation.Business will evolve and be prepared for it.
Any travel agents can do business if he is equipped with product knowledge”.

Sudhir Patil ,North Konkan Tourism Development – President who also attended the Silver Jubilee Event as a Chief Guest, in the course of addressing the ADTOI Members said” ADTOI is doing wonderful job and so too Dharmendra besides performing well he is very pro active .He is the strongest chapter in ADTOI. He is devoting much time and bringing one and all together, We need to promote Konkan region.
“Our time will come, (Apna time bhai Ayegaa”) No doubt, competition enhances marketing. One must never get disappointed. ADTOI has a Bright Future .

In conclusion part of the event Light ceremony done at the hands of Mr.Sudhir patil and Irshaad patel Symbolic gift given to all travel agents who attended this silver jublee .Question Answer session and problems of the industry were also discussed during the event.

List of Adtoi Members attended the Silver Jublee Celebration:

Kavita Thakur
Vinita Kriplani
Irshad Patel
Manoj Mehta
Ajinkya Dhumma
Dilip chavan
Dharmendra singh
Yogendra Upadhyay
Pankaj Chheda
Juhi Jagasia
Sudhir Patil
Amita Kanvinde
Mrs. Sunita G Lokhande
Sagar shinde Pune
Rushab Bhatt.

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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