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    Advocate Khalid Babu Qureshi Waqf Board Member met Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi On Mahrashtra Waqf Board issues

    Advocate Khalid Babu Qureshi BJP leader and Member of Maharashtra State Waqf Board  shared his details with ‘Hello Mumbai News ‘   about  the Meeting of him with Union Minority Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi the details are here : Union Cabinet Minister Mr Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi (Honorable Minister of Minorities – Government of India) & Shri Vinod Tawdeji (Minister of Minorities and Wakfs- Government of Maharastra) I reported to them about my activities with relation to Aukaaf matters of Maharastra State Wakf Board with active help from Mr Ashish Shelarji (Mla & President Bjp-Mumbai) . I informed them that in the Maharastra Wakf board meeting held on 8th and 9th May, 2018, at Aurangabad I got passed many important resolutions, like increase in salaries of Imams and Moazzins, payment of outstanding dues, help of Rs 10000 per child for 2 children and additional Rs 10000 for the third child if that child is a girl child for children’s education, the CEO was empowered to take action against illegal encroachments, and many other important decisions were taken. They expressed their. satisfaction and told me to continue with the good work. Regards. Adv.Khalid Babu Qureshi. Member of Maharastra State Wakf Board – Government of Maharastra.



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