Afghan Grandmother’s Wish Fulfilled by Indian Hospital

Afghan Grandmother’s Wish Fulfilled by Indian Hospital

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Afghan Grandmother’s Wish Fulfilled by Indian Hospital

An Afghan Grandmother had heard that a College Professor named Farhad Zaheer had been conducting humanitarian work in his homeland. This has always been a great passion of his. The Grandmother visited Farhad’s home where she met his mother and begged for help to save the life of her Grandson Raihan. He has been suffering heart defects since 2017. Farhad decided to see if he could find anyone to help this poor child and contacted different hospitals to see if they could help. The Cardiologists were of the opinion that no surgery should take place for another year. The family of Raihan needed to find another way. They took out a loan and took Raihan to Pakistan where they were hoping the surgery would take place. Unfortunately, they could not afford to pay the high cost for his surgery in a private Pakistani hospital. Farhad was desperately trying to help this family, and sent Raihans case history to a French Medical Hospital in Kabul. Unfortunately there was no sponsor to pay for Raihan’s surgery, but another NGO in Kabul to do the surgery. Sadly, he was to be put on a waiting list, where he stayed for 12 months. Even after that time, no one contacted him regarding the surgery. Farhad had problems with his phone and had missed many important calls from Raihan’s father, who thought that Farhad had lost interest. This was not the case and after reconnecting with Raihan’s family, Farhad wanted to try to send them to India. With Covid and other complications this did not happen in 2020. Finally in 2021, through the continuous efforts of Farhad, the operation took place Sri Sathya Sanjvani Hospital in India performed the operation, and were able to grant this Grandmothers wish.

Farhad said, “Special thanks and credits must go to Mr Almas Khan Ishaqzai from Afghanistan, Fary Moini an Iranian American, Sipra Narula from India and Kathleen Theorrez from America”. These people, with Farhad Zaheer are truely compassionate and caring humanitarians. Sri Sathya Sanjvani hospital in India continues to help to save Afghan children with heart defects, and for this we are truely grateful. Long live the friendship that exists between India and Afghanistan.


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