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AIMJF Cricket Cup 2018 Organised, Iqbal Memon Officer Attended, At Vapi


Semi Final & Finale of Cricket Tournament of AIMJF was held on Thursday, 01/02/2018 in Vapi at VIA Stadium.


On this great occasion Mr. Iqbal Memon officer, President AIMJF was invited as a chief guest he addressed the Members and the Memon Community members, “Now our community is become all rounder every one should come and take part in sports activities  this tournament is a great example of that ‘Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi’ during his speech he also asked general questions to the students on Cricket and enjoyed the cricket tournament. Speaking with ‘Hello Mumbai’ he clearly conveyed the strong message to the Memon Community they should come forward in every field such as Sports, Religious activities, political activities and social these are the main pillars if we want to grow and progress “, said Iqbal Memon officer president AIMJF.

Following members of AIMJF and prominent members of Community were present.


1) Mr Iqbal Memon Officer
2) Mr Asif Abbajumma
3) Mr Aziz Machiwala
4) Mr Shakir Batliwala
5) Mr Iqbal Bha
6) Mr Iqbal Dhanani
7) Mr Majid Ladhani
8) Mr Siddik Memon
9) Mr Rafik Barvatiya
10) Mr Kadar Perfumewala
11) Mr Juned Tinwala
12) Mr Bilal Tinwala
13) Mr Juned Chhutani
14) Mr Taufik Kapadia
15) Mr Irfan Master
16) Mr Iqbal Memon
17) Mr Kalu Bhai
18) Mr Rafik Bhojani
19) Mr Iqbal Dhanani
20) Mr Maqbool Surya
21) Mr Shakil Batliwala
22) Mr Altaf Holy

Other then above in numerous members of Community, Delegates and locals were present.

Semi Finals was played between

1) Ratnagiri v/s Lalaji Lions + Memon Times
*Lalaji Lions + Memon Times Won*

2) UCA Surat v/s Chiplun
*UCA Surat Won*

*Finale was played between*
Lalaji Lions + Memon Times v/s UCA, Surat
*Lalaji Lions + Memon Times Won*


Following Volunteers were felicitated with Memento and Shawls
1) Ejaz Bij
2) Mohammed Bij
3) Farook Bij
4) Asif Memon
5) Shoeb Shivani
6) Shahnawaz Shivani
7) Ajmal Zimri
8) Adil Shivani
9) Ashfaq Shivani
10) Hafiz Shivani
11) Faizan Bij
12) Aftab Memon
13) Awesh Bij
14) Majid Ladhani
15) Wasim Memon
16) Mohsin Memon

Following Members were felicitated with Shawl for their extra ordinary services to make the event a grand success.
1) Mr Asif Abbajumma
2) Mr Ashraf Chataiwala
3) Mr Ebrahim Jada
4) Mr Hamza Dokadia
6) Mr Hussain Abbajumma
7) Mr Farid Gigani
8) Mr Umar Adenwala
9) Mr Hashim Dokadia
10) Mr Javid Dabla
11) Mr Taufik Kapadia
12) Mr Shakil Batliwala

▪Mr Asif Abbajumma & Mr Iqbal Memon Officer were felicitated with shawls by Sanjan Memon Jamat

Mr Iqbal Bha was felicitated with shawl by AIMJF

*Certificate was awarded to following Jamats for best Management*
1) Sanjan Memon Jamat
2) Vapi Memon Jamat

Thereafter following Trophies were awarded
1) Best Bowler – Trophy
Ezaz Virani – Lalaji Lions + Memon Times

2) Player of Tournament – Trophy & Rs.5,000/-
Ezaz Virani + Lalaji Lions + Memon Times

3) Best Batsman – Trophy
Arshad Hondo – Lalaji Lions + Memon Times

4) Best Fielder
Mohammed Ali – Lalaji Lions + Memon Times

5) Man of the Match – Trophy
Mujahid – Lalaji Lions + Memon Times

6) Hat Trick Wicket – Rs.2100/-
Salman Kaludi – UCA, Surat

7) Best Discipline Team – Trophy
Karimpura Memon Jamat, Rajkot

8) Rs.2,000/- each was given by Mrs Zebunnisa Millwala to Best Batsman & Best Bowler

Awarded by the hands of Mr Asif Abbajumma
Trophy + Rs.25,000/- To
*UCA, Surat*

Awarded by the hands of Mr Iqbal Memon Officer
Trophy + Rs.50,000/- To
*Lalaji Lions + Memon Times*

India Voice & Hello Mumbai News covered the above event.

*Asif Abbajumma*
*AIMJF Sports Wing*



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