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AIMJF Saurashtra Convention held, At Bhavnagar

AIMJF Saurashtra Convention  held,  At  Bhavnagar

*_Saurashtra Convention_*

‘Saurashtra Convention’ of AIMJF was held on Sunday, 11th March 2018 from 11 am to 3 pm0 at R K Garden Resort, Vartej, Bhavnagar

Following members of AIMJF, 86 delegates of Jamat, 15 Zonal Secretaries & 112 Locals including NEC Members total 237 members were present.
1) Mr Iqbal Memon Officer
2) Mr Yusuf Abrahani
3) Mr Aziz Machiwala
4) Mr Imran Fruitwala
5) Mr Ibrahim Motiwala
6) Mr Shakir Batliwala
7) Mr Iqbal Memon
8) Mr Irfan Master
9) Mr Nadir Chunawala
10) Mr Sufyan Attarwala
11) Mr Kadar Perfumewala
11) Mr Anwar Pishori
12) Mr Rafik Bhojani
13) Mr Hanif Vasavadwala
14) Mr Farook Memon
15) Mr Razak Varshani
16) Mr Yasin Deda
17) Mr Wahab Vehvaria
18) Dr A Gaffar Dabawala
19) Mr Mustafa Karchaliya
20) Mr Arif Kalva
21) Mr Kadar Pirwani
22) Mr Rafik Hunani
23) Mr Faiyaz basmatwala
24) Mr Altaf Holy

Chief Guest
Mr Jitubhai Waghani
MLA + President of BJP Gujrat State.

Meeting was commenced with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran

▪Memon Anthem, Memon Times Anthem & Coffee Table Book Documentary of Memon Times were played thru PPT Projector.

▪Mr Arif Kalva delivered welcome address and greeted the members present

▪Mr Iqbal Memon Officer was felicitated with Memento by All Saurashtra based Halai Memon Jamats for being appointed as a Vice President of IMO India Chapter

▪ Housing Help Chqs of Rs.61.25 Lakhs were distributed to concerned Dy VP’s & Zonal Secretaries towards 56 homeless Applicants for House Purchase / Construction / Repair.

▪Rs.51,000/- chq was given to Rangora Accident Victims of Koli Samaj

▪2 chqs of Rs.11,000/- each were given to family members of Masjid Collapsed victims of Bhavnagar

▪2 minutes silence was observed to pay homage to 40 souls of accident victims of Koli Samaj.

▪Mr Yusuf Abrahani was appointed as a Vice President of AIMJF (additional charge with existing Advisory Board Member). Appointment certificate was given by the hands of Mr Jitubhai Waghani.

▪Mr Yasin Deda was appointed as a Convener of AIMJF Youth Wing (Saurashtra Region). Appointment certificate was given by the hands of Mr Jitubhai Waghani.

▪ Following Members addressed the gathering
1) Mr A Razak Varshani
2) Mr Imran Fruitwala
3) Mr Yasin Deda
4) Mr Aziz Machiwala
5) Mr Rafik Bhojani
6) Dr A Gaffar Dabawala
7) Dr Amin Hamidani
8) Dr Yunus Musani
9) Mr Wahab Vehvaria
10) Mr Mustafa Kachalia
11) Mr Iqbal Memon
12) Mr Irfan Master
13) Sarfaraz Pancha
14) Mr Farook Lakhani
15) Mr Yusuf Abrahani

▪Mr Jitubhai Waghani appreciated the activities of AIMJF and congratulated Mr Iqbal Memon Officer and team members for outstanding services of AIMJF.

▪Mr Iqbal Memon Officer thanked all for making Saurashtra Convention a grand success.

He further requested all to contribute their Zakat / Donation amount to their local jamats and also to AIMJF.

He emphasized to establish University and Hospitals, Musafirkhana, Orphanage etc.

Members present appreciated the same with standing ovation.

▪Many Delegates felicitated Mr Iqbal Memon Officer with shawls for his great social services

▪Memon Corporators & Other dignitories were felicitated with Shawl by the hands of Mr Jitubhai Waghani & Mr Yusuf Abrahani.

▪Mr Rafik Hunani conveyed Vote of Thanks and meeting dispersed at 3 pm with Zuhar Salat and Lunch.


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