Air India will start new flight Service From Amritsar to Canada ,Hemant M Shah (Winnipeg) Welcomed

File picture of Air India Third party image from Google.

Good news for Indo Canadian people Air India will start three weekly flights from Amritsar to Toronto via New Delhi from September 27 2019.
Union Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri share this news on tweeter , ” Delighted to announce the commencement of a thrice weekly @airindian flight between Sri Amritsar Sahib and Canada .The Amritsar – Delhi -Toronto Flight will begin on the Occasion of World Tourism Day on 27 September 2019 “.
”  It will now be a matter of pride for Indo-Canadians to fly by India’s national carrier to India. I hope this flight is non-stop. Moreover, Air India now has an advantage as it is part of Star Alliance. Another thing that Air India must do is focus on business-class passengers. Jet Airways never did promotion for business class travellers,” said Winnipeg Aviation executive Hemant Shah.

Shah said Air India must fly non-stop to Canada because some other airlines are already flying non-stop and changing flights is a great inconvenience for passengers. “If Air India can operate many direct flights to the US, why not Canada?” he asked.


Speaking with ” Hello Mumbai News ”  over phone from Canada Mr Hemant M Shah (Winnipeg) commented on this news  , ” Its great news Air india Will be restarting their operation to Canada .My request please consider Non Stop Flight to Canada .passanger Will save travel time and Air line will save On operational cost.787 Dream liner Will right choice for Non stop.”
Honurabel Priminster of India Shri Narendra Modi Gifted to Indo Canadian.Re starting Air India Flight to Toronto from Amritsar Golden Temple .

File Picture of Hemant M Shah (Winnipeg).


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