All India Ulema Board organises Seminar on PM Modi’s 15 Point Program to create awareness among Minority people

All India Ulema Board organises Seminar on PM Modi’s 15 Point Program to create awareness among Minority people

On Thursday, 1 June 2023, All India Ulema Board organised a Seminar on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 15 Point Programme towards the welfare of the Minority Community.

The predominant cynosure of this Seminar was that it saw the attendance by Kersi Kaikhushroo Deboo ( Vice Chs NCM) as Chief guest and Sayed Shezadi (Member) as a Special guest.

The Seminar was presided by Zahir Kazi from Anjuman Islam.
Whilst addressing the audience Kersi Kaikhushroo Deboo laid emphasis on Minority people to avail the benefits of the Goverment Scheme and Scholarship grants which is need of every Minority people.

He further explained on all the15 Prime Minister’s Programme and also advised all to be a user-friendly of Government website from which they will be updated on all Government related Minority Schemes .

The Government has launched many Startup Scheme to promote Entrepreneurship Culture amongst the Minorities and Modernization of Madrassa and others.
That Our Commission will support and help you.

Sayed Shezadi Member ( NCM) while an interaction with the audience, ensured the Commission has Constitutional rights to meet your demands and request will be put up before the Government for continuation of their work support. Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojnaa, Right to Education and Minority Resident School etc are getting good response in remote areas and all Schemes look favourable for Minority people. Hence, all need to be aware of all these and avail all benifits.

Zahir kazi President Anjuman Islam advised the National Commission to support the Minority people to avail the benefits of all Goverment Schemes, and also requested for Scholarship, because the Machinery of all scheme is very difficult and it needs to be user friendly.

Kazi also appealed to the Commission to resolve the issue of the Minority community and to put it up before the Government.

Salim Alvare demanded the Commission to appoint Minority Commission Chairman Post, Haj Committee Chairman and Minority Ministers. These three key posts are vacant in Maharashtra since last 3 years.

He also made a demand to put up this issue before the centre Government

” It is good Initiative taken by All India Ulema Board such type of program will fill the gap between Minority and Government” said Shebaz Siddiqui Mumbai based Businesman and Social Activist.

Amid the conclusion part of the Seminar, many dignitaries were felicitated and honoured with Trophy and Flower Bouquet by Chief Guest Kersi Kaikhushroo Deboo and Sayed Shezadi. Aziz Makki too was honoured with Mother Theresa Award for his long term Contribution towards the society in Social Field.

This Seminar also saw the attendance by very High profile personalities such as Mushtaq Auntuly,Shebaz Siddiqui Salim Alvare.Senior Urdu journalist Farooq Sayyed,Dr Badrul Hasan and Many others.

Key Highlight of the Seminar:

Allama Bunai Naim Hasni (convener)
Afzal Mangnori (Anchor know as poet)

Those who attended:

Huzaifa Haryana wala, senior leader of Bohra Community also honoured ,Rizwan Khan (social worker)Advocate imtiyaz Shaikh (Hafiz o Alim)

Advocate Ashfaq (New Mumbai)
Mubarak Husain Attari ,Maulana qamer Raza Ashrafi (secretary All India Aime masjed council) Dr. Badrul Hasan (Badar),

Dr Fareed,Munir Khan an other Members of PT Mane Garden.




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