Attack! Attack! Attack! By Swabhimaan Sanghatan At Cafe Sirocco Exclusive Video On Hello Mumbai News


    On Wednesday night Nitesh Rane’s Swabhimaan Sanghtan and it’s activist in the name of moral policing suddenly attacked the Cafe Sirocco and Vandalised the restaurant at Versova. The Sanghtan took Morcha with dozens of activist and Vandalised the entire things of the restaurant. Versova police has registered the case against the accused under section, 452, 427, 120 (B), 506 (2), 143, 147, 149 of IPC. As per reports the police have arrested 2 activist in this connection.


    According to the source more arrest in this case is yet to be done.

    “We condemn this outrageous act of hooliganism, carried out by Swabhiman party workers headed by Nitesh Rane, in the name of moral policing by way of vandalising our cafe Sirocoo last night. This unacceptable behaviour of theirs is a clear indication that these party workers and Nitesh Rane think they are above the law. Let us give them a strong reminder that we have Government authorities, the guardians of law to deal with things in a just manner. Nobody and I reiterate nobody,except the enforcers of law has the authority to forcefully enter and damage your property and create fear amongst people by this demeaning act of their. We have reported this incident to mumbai police and are grateful for their co-operation in bringing these mislead party workers to book” Said Kaushal shah from Cafe Sirocco. All eyes on police investigation.





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