Award Night : Yuva Pratishthan Awards 2018 Will Be Held on 6thMay 2018, At Khar


    *Yuva Pratishthan* presents an awards function *Yuva Pratishthan Awards 2018.* The event is a unique platform for those inspiring, forgotten or unexposed heroes of the community state or even the nation. These heroes still strive for the betterment or noble cause of the nation. Their work in the social, business, sports or glamour fields are sometime without any gain or thirst of profits and success.

    *Yuva Pratishthan* wants to bring to limelight these heroes so that they get exposure and the exposure in turn gives them monetary and manpower support for them to strive even more higher which will give a maximum gain to the community.

    This platform will give birth to more enthusiastic and young activists who would be another helping hands to the community and nation.

    In the field of business, sports and glamour the award function platform would provide the aspiring new people the motivation, confidence and would create a never die attitude in the youth. Even after repitative failures they would fight to reach the goal or success.
    Main attraction of this event we have Marathi and Bollywood industry famous singer *Anand Shinde awaited performance popularly known as ” *Shinde Shahi Baana*.”
    Fillers by *B star B Event* company.

    *Note The press conference is at Marathi Patrakar Parishad Fort. On the 3rd May 2018 at 3.00 pm.*

    We request your presence along with your entire family On 6th May *YP Awards 2018*




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