Babloo Aziz the most famous western suburbs Minority face of Shiv Sena


    By Aleem Shaikh

    Babloo Aziz the most famous western suburbs Minority face of Shiv Sena.
    Babloo Aziz doesn’t need  any introduction he is  a dynamic politician and a reliable  face in Mumbai Real estate.He has severs as a Municipal councillor from 2007 – 2012 from ward no 64 from the congress party.
    Recently he has joined Shiv Sena .The Party has entrusted him with a huge  responsibility in this BMC Elections to get Shiv Sena  candidate win from his area.
    This out spoken and dashing politician has a very strong grip in Santacruz and nearby area’s like  Andheri Assembly.
    Hello Mumbai had a chance to meet him at his corporate office Santacruz, inspite of his busy schedule he  discussed and shared his role,plans and views in the upcoming BMC Election.
    Hello Mumbai :
    what is your role in this BMC Election as this is your first election after joining Shiv Sena ?
    Babloo Aziz : Laughs,The  party is new for me but not  politics .I have a vast  experience in this field. That’s why the party has trusted me and given me this  huge responsibility in the coming elections and to see that Shiv Sena candidate wins . My main focus is Bandra and Andheri seats and I am very sure that all Our  candidates are winning.
    How do you feel after leaving congress and joining Shiv Sena?
    Babloo Aziz: I feel like a family member in the shiv sena  but in congress I had no freedom and the party was not interested in reviving it’s position.
    Our leader Udhavji has given all freedom and has trust in me he treats us all like a  family member and not a worker ,i want to make it clear that it’s a myth created by other parties that Shiv Sena is against the minority community and I am very much satisfied and happy joining the Shiv Sena.
    Hello Mumbai :
    If we talk about ward no 97 which is largely dominated by Rajisthani Muslim community , do you think you will be able to convert these voters into shiv sena’s favour ?
    Babloo Aziz:  I enjoy a very  good relation with all members of my community and have a very personal touch with everybody which will help my party candidates to get maximum votes in their favour.
    Hello Mumbai : But your community  leader is also supporting the Congress candidate.So will it affect  your candidates?
    Babloo Aziz: 
    Not at all ,those who are supporting the congress are not very active politicians and known face in the area and have not done anything for the people of the area.
    I have been also available for the common people and ever ready  to help them and solve their problems. People of this area know the reality  very well and will be with me always.
    Hello Mumbai: Your party has not given ticket to  seating Corporator Bala Chavan from ward no 97 on the contrary Sunil More has been given the chance, is there any conflict between Bala chavan and Sunil More ?
    Babloo Aziz : laughs , not at all Bala chavan is a very senior and loyal  party leader, you will be surprised that  he  only recommended his name to our senior leader Aneel Parabji. During the  nomination of Sunil More, Bala chavan was present with his supporters  to boost his morale. He has assured all his support  for Sunil More . It’s all  rumors and people should not believe them.
    Hello Mumbai :
    First time in the last 25 years your party is contesting BMC Elections without your alliance Partner BJP, are there any challenges or difficulties in convincing the voters?
    Babloo Aziz: I don’t think so as I told you before that Shiv Sena is not only a political party but it is a ideology of Bala Saheb who was always the voice of Common people. People from all caste and religion believe in the ideology of the party .so we don’t need to convince anyone. BJP is a fake party but Shiv Sena is real Party. BJP got political gain in Mumbai because of sena’s support. Everything will be clear on  23rd  February.The real picture will come in front of everybody.
    Hello Mumbai : what is your view on AMIM it’s candidate is  also contesting from this ward ?
    Babloo Aziz : AMIM is nothing but a enemy of our community. Owaisi Brothers are puppets in the hands of Amit Shah .This Owaisi brothers are playing the role of VHP leader Parveen Togdia. People will not follow their communal thoughts. AMIM’s only job is to divide the  minority’s vote .In this ward they will not perform well as they have not done any work for the welfare of the community.I request voters of my area to vote for development and choice the right candidate.
    Hello Mumbai is all  Thanks to Babloo Aziz for  talking with Hello Mumbai and giving his precious time. 
    Babloo Aziz : My pleasure.



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