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Ban Ban Ban RSS, AVP Chief Shamsher Khan Pathan Demands

Ban Ban Ban RSS, AVP Chief Shamsher Khan Pathan Demands

How Government can work from RSS HQ ?????
Ban RSS.
In 1948 RSS was banned after assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. RSS chief was arrested and was in jail for 6 month for running anti national, communal and terrorist organization RSS which believes in Violence and didn’t believe in Indian Constitution. The Ban was lifted when RSS Chief gave undertaking that RSS will not participate in political activities and will not take part in politics. During Janta Party rule it was also decided that politicians with RSS membership will not be the part of government. Though such undertaking is still in force, how RSS can take part in politics? How RSS member can contest election and how he can be made minister? This is very grave situation that organisation with terror tag is controlling government and elected MLA are forced to attend RSS HQ. If they don’t attend, they are being served notice for not attending RSS HQ.


Thereafter RSS was banned twice in 1975 and 1992 . But after short time banned was lifted. Now RSS is involved in 18 Bomb blast cases but surprisingly RSS formed government. In other sense India in the hand of criminal and terrorist and we are paying it. See how terrorism is created by RSS and Bhagwa Talubani.

Will opposition parties will raise this issue with big voice to stop RSS interference in Government and to ban RSS to save our country.
Congress NCP and all opposition parties must come out openly against RSS’s involvement in government.

Please share it to maximum.
Shamsherkhan Pathan President Awami Vikas Party.


What is the issue :
Senior Bjp leader and Ex minister Eknath Khadse didn’t attend the RSS meet which was held in Nagpur recently, After his absence CM Devendra Phadnavis issued him a Notice and asked his explanation, another MLA Mr Deshmukh was also absent. Party have served the notice both of them. Although Khadse made it clear he was not keeping well. Thi issue sparked the controversy in Maharashtra politics and clearly showing the RSS has influence on the Current Bjp Government in Maharashtra.


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