Bandh! Bandh! Bandh! Maharashtra Tomorrow By Ambedkar Supporters


    Caste violence in Maharashtra hit pune, Mumbai and north Maharashtra on Tuesday. The violence which began from Bhima Koregaon event, Pune and spread across Maharashtra. Hundreds of Busses damaged in the violence. This issue become political and now blame game have been started against each other.

    Dr. Ambedkar supporters political party Bharipa Bhujan Maha Sangh led by Prakash Ambedkar announced the Maharashtra Bandh on Wednesday ,in view of Koregaon violence. In this bandh all Ambedkar supporters parties like Republic Sena led by Anand Raaj Ambedkar, Republican Bhujan (Yashwant Gangawne) Bhim sena, Lok Janshakti party (Ravi Gurud, also participating in this bandh. All India Milli council (Faisal Banaraswala, Luqman Nadvi and other NGOS also supporting this bandh. All Ambedkar supporters joined hands and will support this Bandh says Faisal Banaraswala activist of Republic Sena.

    “This bandh will be peacful and we appeal to all to maintain peace” Prakash Ambedkar told the media on Tuesday.




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