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    Beach Clean-up Drive by Team of Aarna Foundation at Dadar

    By Aleem Shaikh( Dadar):

    In its 13th week of the beach clean-up drive, the team of Aarna Foundation, determined to give the sea-shore back its lost beauty, took a step further in the beautification of the Dadar chowpatty. The NGO organized a two-day event on 18th and 19th November – “Children’s Day on the Beach”.

    The event on its first day started with the beach clean-up followed by the painting of the walls of the Dadar beach with inspirational messages to be given to the society. This was done by the Aarna team members, and the NSS volunteers of VPM college and the interns at Dyanganga college, SIES college and a group of students from Somaiya college. They were supported by few local residents who wished to give their helping hands for both, the clean-up and wall painting. Around 100 people conducted the first day’s event.

    The second day too began with the beach clean-up and wall painting activity by the members, volunteers and some local residents. After this the beach party, which was organized for the underprivileged children on the occassion of Children’s day, saw around 200 plus people. Aarna Foundation got associated with Asha NGO in Malad and invited their children to be a part of this celebration. The event comprised of wall painting by the kids of Aarna Foundation, followed by a photography session, gift distribution and snacks for all of them. The smiles on the faces of these children showed how much they enjoyed the evening. Mr. Chinu Kwatra, the co-founder of Aarna would like to thank Mrs. Indu Mehta, a professor of Welingkar College for her unending guidance and of course the M.C.G.M for their continuous support in this initiative. He also gives his special thanks to Dr. Ajay Pandey, Roopa Vasudevan and other local residents for making this possible.

    The earlier dull walls around the beach were transformed into colourful ones with plenty of social messages on the current issues that we as a nation need to act upon. Some of them are- cleanliness, clean beaches, save water, save the girl child, education, child labour, domestic violence etc. The dedication and passion of these youngsters and the little children to beautify their beach was worth an applause. There were visitors too, who participated in these fun activities.

    Looking at the wonderful initiative taken by Team Aarna, we can only say that a beach’s true purpose has been met- i.e being the source of relaxation, recreation and happiness. After all, a Beach means Best Escape Anyone Can Have!

    Join hands with Aarna Foundation now. Contact Mr. Chinu Kwatra on 09769181218 for any association/ volunteering/ contribution or sponsorship.




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