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Big Demolition Drive Near Minara Masjid, No Action Against ‘Minara Mansion’!


The Bmc took up a massive demolition drive at Minara Masjid area after the fire incident occurred today early in the Minara Mansion building in which one Tanzania female citizen was hurt. Now it has become a common trade of our BMC department that after the incident only their eyes open and they take action. Kamala Mills Tragedy is fresh example of the BMC’s negligence.


“The demolition drive by ‘B’ ward started since morning, and the civic body cracked down on illegal encroachments and all illegal extensions of the 50 years old stalls, in the road side shopping hub of Minara Masjid, but I am not satisfied with this demolition drive because the main reason for the fire incident is illegal building ‘Minara Mansion’ which is totally illegal, Bmc didn’t look at this building why? A local resident asked the Bmc, but no answer was from the Bmc side, it means bmc is supporting the main culprit of the incident and taking action against poor hawkers and 50 years old license holders, which is not correct” Said one of the local residents of the area on the condition of anonymity.


According to the local citizens of the area, ‘Minara Mansion’ is illegally built by “Dawood Lakdawala” there is also ‘Al Safa’ hotel in which foreign tourist stay over there, both of them violated the Fire Norms and Bmc rules but surprisingly government agencies have kept blind eyes and action against poor people. Local also demanded action against the Builder and Hotel owner, make a inquiry Committee and set up a investigation team.


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