Biggest Banking Scam Nirav Modi Fled From India, ED Raided At Mumbai Office


    The biggest banking Scam of the country which rocked the entire nation, Nirav Modi a man who committed the fraud of Rs 11,300 crore fled the country before PNB and FIR. ED raided his offices across Mumbai, Today morning ED raided at his Kalaghoda office also and filed FIR under Money Laundering act 12 properties belongs to Nirav Modi being raided by ED in Delhi and Mumbai. ED also summoned to PNB Ex. employee for the questioning. When Nirav Modi got loan of huge amount 11,300 crore with Fake documents, PNB officials helped him giving faked undertaking to other bank such as Axis bank and State Bank of India etc. Nirav Modi who committed such a big fraud was listed among the 85 richest man of the country.


    ED also issued look out notice against him and other associate of him. Nirav Modi is fourth man who duped the nation and fled India, after Vijay Mallaya, Deepak Talwar and Sanjay Bhandari also committed such fraud but our present government could not take much against them.





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