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Birthday Bash of Actress Shweta Khanduri

Birthday Bash of Actress Shweta Khanduri

The birthday bash of actress Shweta Khanduri was a grand affair. It was a flamboyantly splendid party with glitz, glamour, opulence and loads of love for the birthday girl reflecting from the entire preparations that will be no less than perfect.

A significant chunk of the Bollywood & Television industry and some names from the film including  Nishant Malkani, Nyrraa M Banerji, Mrunal Jain, Sarah, Ajay Jaswal,  Reena Barot, Aditya singh Rajput, Deepak Mukut, Siddharth Kasyap, Jitu Savlani, Sanober Aziz, Aziz Zee, Aliza,  Rehan Shah, Shakir Shaikh, Anurag Pandey, Mohamed Fasih, Suresh Thomas  & Many More. were seen at the birthday bash.


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