Home International BRAVE set forth in building the next phase of MMA economic industry in India

BRAVE set forth in building the next phase of MMA economic industry in India

BRAVE set forth in building the next phase of MMA economic industry in India

Hello Mumbai International Desk :

HH Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa
Founder Brave Combat Federation
Mohammed Shahid (The Hawk)
President , Brave Combat Federation

Top MMA organization Brave Combat Federation is ready to move on to the next phase of developing the MMA economic industry in India.
Bahrain-based Brave Combat Federation, a brand synonymous with breaking records and barriers in the world of mixed martial arts, now has India in its sights.
After adding Germany to the host countries list, BRAVE CF has now traveled to 28 countries in less than six years, surpassing second-placed UFC, who has hosted shows in 27 nations overall. Now Brave is looking to add India as a host country.

“India has played a big part in making BRAVE CF the most global promotion, having hosted three of its events. The future of our vision will see us move into India with one of the biggest sporting projects in MMA”, said Mohammed Shahid, President, BRAVE CF.
“Under HH Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad Al Khalifa’s vision BRAVE CF has grown exponentially in just six years and together with Mohammad Shahid and his team we plan to take BRAVE CF to the next level and there is no better place for it than India. The potential for MMA is unparalleled as is the country’s appetite for sports content of the kind that BRAVE CF produces. Many leading Indian sports entities, broadcasters and corporates want to tie up with BRAVE & those are the discussions we are looking to have while in India”, said Mr Mohammad Mansoor, VP, Brave Combat Federation India and South East Asia, ahead of his team’s trip to India.
India is a significant market for BRAVE, the franchise model for popular sports is very successful in India with the Indian Premier League becoming the second most lucrative sporting product in the entire world second only after NFL and is worth USD 13.44 million per match. Lesser known sports like Kabbadi with the Pro Kabbadi league in seven short years have attracted a cumulative reach of 352 million and is second only to IPL in terms of revenue and viewership. This is a model that BRAVE will look to explore in India as it looks to launch a nation-wide talent hunt in its search for talented MMA fighters.
With the success of a number of MMA sports related films like Brothers, Dangal and Sultan, BRAVE is looking to make a film as a part of Indian strategy said Mr Mohammad Mansoor.

Mohammad Mansoor
VP, Brave Combat Federation,
India & South East Asia


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