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Business Trade Association CAIT appeals PM Modi to make Work from Home Policy

Business Trade Association CAIT appeals PM Modi to make Work from Home Policy
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CAIT urge PM Modi to make Work from Home Policy

The Confederation of All India Traders while acclaiming the vision of Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi for digitalising the Country under his vision of “Digital India”, has said that not only the corporate sector but even the non-corporate sector consisting of small businesses, small Industries, Transport, Self employed persons, women entrepreneurs and other sectors have emerged as the front runner in adopting and accepting modern digital techniques in their existing format of trade & commerce and similarly the Work From Home culture has evolved over the past two Covid Years and this work Module needs concrete and structured rukes and policies in order to run it smoothly inform by CAIT Metropolitan chapter president and National President of Akhil Bharatiya khadhyatel Vyapari Mahasangh Shankar Thakkar.

National President of CAIT Mr B C Bhartia and Secretary General Mr Praveen Khandelwal said that in the letter to PM Modi it has been mentioned that COVID-19 has brought a new business model in India and over the globe , the Work from Home, (WFH) model has evolved on its own has proved to be a successful model through out the country. They further added that the WFH model has accelerated the transition from work in office spaces to working remotely in adverse situation. Not only the Corporate or Industry sector but even self organised sector consisting of small businesses has too embraced virtual work world. This model has the capabilities to reduce the infrastructure cost considerably along with many other benefits is certainly going to stay even after the COVID crisis is being resolved as it has now become an integral part of the trade and commerce.

Mr Bhartia and Mr Khandelwal added that they have urged the PM Modi to formulate an exhaustive rules and regulations for Work From Home working model to prevent dispute and conflicts between the employer and employees at any stage in the future considering it as a new dynamic working module. Since its a quite new system and as there is no law governing the Work from Home system in the country, it necessitates a comprehensive and robust policy and guidelines keeping into consideration all the related factors.

Shankar Thakkar Further said that recently, Delhi Government has ordered the closure of private offices and do work from home. Likewise , many other states have asked people to do work from home by putting several restrictions . In absence of any guided policy, it will be extremely difficult to observe this policy. If every entity will draw its own rules for work from home , then it will lead to a situation of utter chaos and confusion.

CAIT Metropolitan chapter vise chairman Dilip Maheshwari said CAIT in their letter to PM Modi has added that during the Covid , this model has been adopted
By almost every sector including Government, Banking Sector, Trade, Industry, Health services, Educational sector, Media, Entertainment, Insurance, Financial Services and various other sectors. Not only one to one communication but even the national & international events, conferences , meetings, AGM of Organisations and various other events including political rallies were organised on virtual world which speaks the high success of the model and its adoption and acceptance by the people. It can be considered as the single innovation of the century which has the capacity of not only reducing the cost, saving of hours of man power energy and fastest execution of work. The success and acceptance of this model can also be gauged from the point of view of extensive usage of virtual conference which is popularly earned the name of “VC” and has become a household name across the Country.

CAIT Metropolitan chapter General secretary Tarun jain stated that considering the importance of WFH Module it is necessary to frame rules and regulations for Work for Home concept of working. While everyone is happy with this arrangement in the short run, conflicts between the employer and employee will arise in the long run due to the absence of proper protocols for Work from Home. Therefore it is important to govern it to prevent future hustles and become an effective tool of highest productivity which will ultimately culminate into substantial growth of GDP and economy of the Country.

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Confederation of all India traders, Metropolitan chapter

President : Shankar Thakkar



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