Home National Charity Drive by Maseeha Trust in Bangalore gets overwhelming response

Charity Drive by Maseeha Trust in Bangalore gets overwhelming response

Charity Drive by Maseeha Trust in Bangalore gets overwhelming response

By Aleem Shaikh

Mumbai base Ngo ” Maseeha Trust ” known for its charity and social work among the poor and needy people is now also getting name and fame for its social cause in another part of the country. On 9 December Maseeha organised charity lunch and fruit drive at Ashiana Orphanage and Old age home Devanahalli , in Banglore It city of south india.
This charity lunch unique kind of initiative taken by Maseeha got overwhelming response.
” Such type of work gives us satisfaction and pleasure , when we met these people they also were very happy , our aim to share happiness with them and we did in future we will organise a such type of charity event, ” Said Nishant sait founder of the Maseeha Trust .

Maseeha Trust Bangalore charity lunch and Fruit drive at Ashiana Orphange & Old age home Devanahalli on 9th December was one more step towards helping the needy .Maseeha Trust Founder Nishat Sait alongwith her Maseeha Team Members Naushin Atik; Nabila Ehjaz; Shabana Hamid and A helper Shamshad Khala were part of this Charity .Maseeha Trust organised lunch and gave fruits also Members (Naushin and Nabila)gave them blankets and personal hygiene things Which they needed. Literally all had tears in thier eyes when got to know each one of them had a sad past to say.These adults just need love care and some support from all.They are not survived by any relatives or kids.Still they living a life of respect love and care. Please come forward to help them in any way you can .contact maseehatrust@gmail.com for any kind of help you wish to do for these old people..Soon they going to construct few floor for these old people.And we would want all to help on it.Even small contribution matters. Mr Farooq bhai and Amina sis are doing a good job by taking care of them and opening such a place for people who can live with peace ..Dr Mariam Shakir Hingora the President of Maseeha Trust from Saudi Arabia is happy on the succes of this small event for these old people.




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