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Charity Drive by Raadhe Maa in Mumbai Gets Overwhelming Response


By Aleem Shaikh

World Famous Indian spiritual leader Known as Raadhe Maa nowadays is very much busy in a social cause, she is attending the various social function, meeting with different community people and taking part in charity function in Mumbai because of this good effort her fan followers going up and people like her.
Recently she was seen in charity function at Madhyamik Aashram School Parali, Wada in Palghar with her family members husband and son donated clothes Computer and Book to the needy children. It was Raadhe Maa ‘ s first social appearance with her family member in Mumbai.
” It was a great experience to me and my family spending time with thesechildren,, I love to visit such type of places and it gives me pleasure. , this is not the first time I am doing such type of charity work its a part of my life and in future will continue such type of charity work because it gives me real satisfaction and pleasure ” Said Raadhe Maa on this precious Occasion.
The function was well organized and it was attended by Raadhe Maa ‘ s follower in a large number. Raadhe Maa is real Maseeha for the poor and needy people she is very concerned about them because of her helping and kindness nature people like her say one of her followers.


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