Home Central   Complaint filed against Saam T.V. in Thane Court by All India Media Employee’s Association for lay – Off Employees

  Complaint filed against Saam T.V. in Thane Court by All India Media Employee’s Association for lay – Off Employees

  Complaint filed against Saam T.V. in Thane Court by All India Media Employee’s Association for lay – Off Employees

Mumbai: AiMea takes stand and fights for rights of Electronic Media Employees

Post Covid-19, Media and Entertainment saw the best and worst of times.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of the consumption of media and entertainment. With people confined to their homes, social lives have moved online and entertainment consumption has risen notably within the at-home segments of television, online gaming.

Mumbai: During the Covid-19 pandemic, SAAM TV Marathi has laid off multiple employees, in response to which the All India Media Employees Association (AiMea) filed a complaint in the Thane District Labour  Court.

Reportedly, on October 5th, AiMea filed a formal complaint against SAAM TV Marathi’s top management including Mr. Abhijeet Pawar and Channel Editor
Mr. Nilesh Khare for conducting unfair labour practices.

As you are all well aware, the Central & State Govt, including Honourable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, through multiple broadcast announcements, has urged and asked all owners of various private organizations to not lay off their employees at this difficult pandemic time.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court of India ordered the Owners & Management of private organizations to resolve employment issues amicably alongside their employees & associations. In total disregard , SAAM TV Marathi Management has openly flouted all measures taken by the Government and Supreme Court to protect the interest of workers. This is a serious violation of government mandates, as made clear by Gouraksha Dhotre, President of AiMea, and mentioned in a press release.

More shockingly, the Management took undue advantage of the Covid-19 induced lockdown lockdown, and the Management of SAAM TV Marathi laid off some of their employees who were working with them since the inception of the channel. Ironically, this lay off was executed without even discussing with the employees or their respective associations. They merely sent layoff letters to their homes via post.

We at AiMea, as a responsible association, strongly condemn this unfortunate and unfair practice adopted by SAAM TV Marathi.

In a labour court, Rupali Deshpande a renowned lawyer is fighting on AiMea’s behalf, and on behalf of these fellow SAAM TV Marathi media professionals, who were laid off without cause.

AiMea’s Gen. Secretary Mr. Ajay Ghate and Treasure Mr. Rajendra Dalvi, tberefore, appeals and encourages all friends and employees from the TV and Electronic media space to join forces with All India Media Employees Association (AiMea) to fight for the rights of media professionals, against all unfair labour practices adopted by their respective employers and management.

The pandemic has triggered layoffs in certain segments such as print and television media as advertisers scale back spending. As monetisation, particularly ad-spend, comes under pressure, cash management and profit protection with greater technology integration are likely to gain strategic significance for M&E companies.

When Hello Mumbai News contacted to SAAM TV Management Nobody was available to comment on this issue .

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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