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Contractors Protest against Mhada Repair Board at Bandra for failing to clear Dues


By Aleem Shaikh
Fadnavis Government which boasts of transparency and corruption free governance fails to fulfill its committment towards the development work of Mhada Repair Board which is considered to be one of the most important department of the state is facing acute shortage of funds due to which they are unable to give the contractors their dues. because of lack of funds the contractors are unable to work further.
The contractor’s genuine complaints are that MHADA has failed to release their funds meant to construct dilapidated buildings , they are running here and there but not getting any proper response .”Its been more the 8 months MHADA is yet to release our money which we invested for repairing cess buildings i don’t understand as to where is the fund going and who is responsible for this, This is the first time that our payment has been delayed . Monsoon is nearing and till the time we don’t receive our previous payment we cannot start new work. We are suffering a lot nobody is there to listen to our problems we have given written complaints to higher authority but there is no response till now. ” Said Asif Qureshi a senior Contractor.
Another contractor Mr. Taaj Mohammad says we have been severely affected by the E Tender system as outsiders can also fill the tender now this payment issue is slowing the work, there is no choice left for us we have to shut our business and go home.
when ” Hello Mumbai ” met higher authorities of MHADA Building Repairs and Reconstruction Board they have different opinion on this issue . Mr. A.P Shinde Chief Accountant said ,” Government Budget for Repair Board is Rs 88 Crores per Annum. This year we got only 70 crores Balance 18 crores is yet to be received we are waiting for that , He also explained the budget details of 2016 To 2017. which are as follows –
Total Budget : 2016 – 2017 = 69 crores ( Received)
Board have paid contractors = 61 crores
Balance payment to be paid to contractors = 8 crores
Board is waiting for the 18 crores from the state government which is yet to come , Budget is over for the ward no- C1 , D1, D2, B1, B2, E1, E2, FS, and GM . Budget is pending for the wards- C1,GS, C3,and FN.
Aneel Ankalgi secratery to Mr. P.A Baange said, ” MHADA Sanctioned a budget for 2016- 2017 was 69.9 crores for 15 wards which we have already paid to the contractors remaining 18 crores we are waiting there is no specific reason behind this delay we are following and very soon this issue will be sorted out “,
Mr.Milind patil chief Engineer of the board explained the main reason for this delay ” The state governments budget is not increased on the contrary the contractors rate has been increased, earlier we gave 750 per Square meter to the contractor but now they are charging us 3000 per square meter , interestingly the state government budget is same so how we will fulfil this gap .The previous congress NCP Government promised to increase the budget from 88 crores to 200 crores but they have not done that due to which the Board is suffering from both ends “, Milind patil added.
” My role is not important whenever the amount comes from the state government i deposit it and give it to the Board i am helpless we understand the problem but can’t do anything there is no specific reason for the delay we will look in to the matter “, Said Sanjay S Shah Finance Controller of the Board.
The delegation which was led by Farooque Khatri,Zubair Tanvar,Alka India Construction, Abdul Latif Bhilm and others met all higher authorities to solve this payment issues but they got only got false promises .It means
Fadnvis Government is not serious about this problem, CM is busy attending functions and not bothered about development work .


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