Cricketer Irfan Pathan Launches ‘Mashroo Thobes (Juana’s) Ramzan Collection (Jhabaa) Exclusive Interview Video On Hello Mumbai News

    Cricketer Irfan Pathan Launches 'Mashroo Thobes (Juana's) Ramzan Collection (Jhabaa) Exclusive Interview Video On Hello Mumbai News

    Irfan Pathan Launches Mashroo’s Exclusive Ramadan Collection Thobes
    2nd May 2018; Mumbai: At a glittering event held at Garware Sports Club, Ace Indian Cricketer Irfan Pathan launched Mashroo’s latest collection of Thobes in Mumbai today. Thobe, also known as Jubbah in India is a traditional outfit worn by Muslims across the world. It is an ankle-length and a long sleeve garment which Mashroo has successfully modernized keeping the traditional values intact. Mashroo is an Indian brand which is ranked among the top brands of the world. With the demand for Thobes increasing rapidly in India, Mashroo is focused on coming up with a trendy and an extremely fashionable clothing line for younger Muslims who look for a modernized touch to traditional clothing. A new range of sports thobes were also launched at the event making Mashroo the first and the only company to come up with the concept of sports thobes. The sports thobes are made from wolrd famous dry fit fabric keeping in mind the summer season which coincides with this year’s Ramadan season.

    Mashroo was started by brothers Adil, Saad and Muzammil Patanwala along with a close friend Junaid Khan. The company has now successfully delivered Thobes in various parts of India and several other countries as well. “The holy month of Ramadan is just a few days away and people across the world are preparing to celebrate and thank the almighty for his innumerable blessings. I am happy to unveil this exclusive Ramadan collection of Mashroo thobes which are traditional and fashionable at the same time. I congratulate them for successfully designing a wide range of trendy thobes which can be worn by kid’s right from the age of 3 to the younger population who like to be stylish”, said cricketer Irfan Pathan at the launch of Mashroo’s exclusive Ramadan collection.

    Mr. Saad Patanwala of Mashroo says, “We are present on all the leading online platforms and deliver the products anywhere in the world. We are also aggressively tying up with offline stores across the country to resell the Thobes to people who do not prefer buying online. As it is a garment which was originated in middle-east, every country has a different style and a name for it. However, we at Mashroo have got all those styles together under one brand and are trying to get it as snazzy and urbanized for people this festive season”. Each Mashroo Thobe is made by experienced tailors and designers with the use of best quality fabric which can be comfortably used in all weather conditions. It’s a perfect fit for men and boys of all age groups and Mashroo has made an inevitable space as one of the best thobe providers in the world.



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