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Cutchi Memon jamat Committe Dissolved !!!


Major Set back for Cutchi Memon jamat as 10 active Managing post holders have resigned from their post and condemned the attack on Abdul Majid Coatwla.

I would like to inform all my Cutchi Memon brothers that below 10 members of the managing committee out of the total elected members of CMJ committee resigned today from their posts by submitting their resignation letters at the jamat’s office.

👉🏼Abdul Aziz Mandviwala (Treasurer)

👉🏼Adv. Abdul Kader Sayani &
👉🏼Abdul Kader Shikai (Asst. Jt. Secretaries)

Committee members :
👉🏼Jamil Mandviwala
👉🏼Faraaz Jumani
👉🏼Aslam Rajani
👉🏼Tanvir Mandviwala
👉🏼Abdul Majid Coatwala
👉🏼Nawaz Motiwala
👉🏼Abdul Kayuum Rajani

All these 10 members have condemned the brutal assault and attack done on Abdul Majid Coatwala and their resignation is a proof of the same.
Now the committee is dissolved because with 5 members meeting cannot be conducted in absence of quorum as they are elected members and not selected members. Also out of the remaining 5, co-opt of 2 members is illegal tht of Shamim Gubitra n Iqbal Surya and is still in dispute as the disqualification itself was unconstitutional. With these 3 members remaining and 2 disputed members, jamat cannot function. So it is suggested to better call for the general meeting immediately for further procedure as per due process of law.

Truth always prevails,
Satyamev Jayte✨

🔍Amin Chataiwala



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