Cycle rally organized by Mumbai’s first cycle mayor Firoza Dadan, See first pictures here

Cycle rally organized by Mumbai’s first cycle mayor Firoza Dadan, See first pictures here

Mumbai, June 3, 2024:  A cycle rally was organized on June 2 to commemorate World Bicycle Day. Mumbai University and Smart Commute Foundation Mumbai organised this cycle rally that drew well over 600 participants. Firoza Dadan, the first bicycle mayor of Mumbai and the creator of the Smart Commute Foundation, coordinated this special event. Mumbai University’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Ravindra Kulkarni and Godrej Industries Chairman Nadir Godrej were the chief guests of the rally. Starting from the Sports Complex of Mumbai University in Santa Cruz, Mumbai, the cycle rally ended at the Sofitel Hotel in Bandra Kurla Complex.

June 3rd is World Bicycle Day, observed globally following the United Nations’ approval. Every year, Bicycle Day is observed globally to highlight the importance of cycling for health. The Mumbai-based Smart Commute Foundation is promoting cycling as a healthful form of transportation. It is notable that ‘World Bicycle Day’ is being observed for the seventh year. On June 3, 2018, the United Nations General Assembly in New York declared the first World Bicycle Day. A sizable crowd, including athletes and UN representatives, took part in this event.

Professor Ravindra Kulkarni, Vice Chancellor of the University of Mumbai, spoke at the event and stated, “This cycle rally on World Bicycle Day is an important step to promote sustainable transportation and environmental awareness among students and people. Therefore, everyone is requested to participate in this cycle rally.”

It is notable because Firoza Dadan coordinated a significant cycling event in January 2024, during which she advocated cycling by riding more than 1300 kilometers from Mumbai to Dholavira, Gujarat. She introduced people to riding and made them aware of it while visiting numerous cities and historical sites. She had the Rotary Club as an ally on this cycle trip. She also showed the participants in the workshop on June 2nd the snip from that cycle excursion.

Firoza Dadan stated, “The primary goal of planning the cycle rally on Cycle Day is to raise awareness about health through cycling on this particular occasion. Cycling lowers the risk of numerous ailments while also keeping the body strong and active. Regular bicycle riding maintains physical fitness and gives the body energy. The purpose of this event is to raise awareness of the health benefits of cycling and to encourage more people to incorporate it into their daily routines.”


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