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Cyclone Ockhi Update, Forecast For Mumbai

Cyclone Ockhi Update, Forecast For Mumbai

Forecast For Mumbai
12pm (12-22km/h) medium to heavy rain
3pm (18-55km/h) medium to heavy rain
6pm (35-66km/h) medium to heavy rain
9pm (42-80km/h) medium to heavy rain
1am (20-70km/h) medium to heavy rain
3am (12-40km/h) medium rain
6am (7-20km/h) low rain

Observations: Cyclone Ockhi is heading towards Surat and will be passing through Mumbai at around 9PM. It will not cause any major damage. Wind will start picking up speed after 12:00pm. Wind speed and rains will be high between 3pm to 3am. Avoid going out between 3:00pm, Dec 5 2017 to 3am Dec 6 2017, unless emergency. Weather should be normal in Mumbai on Dec 6th 2017 at around 6:00am with observation of low rain showers.

If travelling outside, be careful of flying objects in the air. Wear glasses for eye protection.


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