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Demolition Action Against Actor Shatrugun Sinha

Demolition Action Against Actor Shatrugun Sinha



Demolition drive by BMC “K” West ward at Juhu sparked the controversy when the BMC staff razed the illegal construction and encroachment of Actor and MP Shathrugun Sinha’s Resident Ramayan” at Juhu.

As per the reports, the local authority of BMC “K” West already served the notice under MRTP Act regarding the illegal extension of Office, Pooja Ghar, and construction of the illegal toilet on terrace . Bmc already served the notice but Mr. Sinha did not took it seriously,Bmc had taken strong action and razed the entire illegal portion of the “Ramayan” bungalow. According to the BMC officials it’s a routine demolition drive no politics behind this but every one know that MP Shatrugun Sinha do not have good relationship with current Government in Central as well In Maharashtra. Now a days he is being sidelined by the party because of his controversial statement against the Bjp Government and it’s policies.





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