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Demolition drive by “E ” ward at Mercury Apartment , Duncan Road, Nagpada.


By Aleem Shaikh

In a major demolition drive, the Bhrin Mumbai Municipal Corporation ” E” ward has razed illegal construction of the most controversial Mercury Apartment’s 4 th floor unauthorised parking space which was illegally built and sold out by the developer at Duncan road , Nagpada on Wednesday.
The team of Building and factory headed by Mr S.G.Malekar (Assistant Engineer ) and Mr.S.K Navghare carried out this operation under the heavy security provided by JJ Marg police station.
 According to the civic official, Mr S.G Malekar, the “E” ward have received several complaints against the Mercury Apartment regarding the violation of the FSI and illegally encroachment  of the parking space on the 4th floor we have also served the MRTP notice to the developer but no response from the developer even he didn’t produce any kind of legal documents to prove that his construction was legal .Hence the demolition drive was carried out.
“The civic body also claimed the builder had fluted construction norms and cheated to the common people the transaction of the flat is totally illegal and breach of trust and cheating, they have granted a chance to remove the unauthorised work carried out on parking space , 6 month have been passed the developer neither filed a reply, nor submitted any papers to prove that the construction made on 4th floor was authorised,  said S.K.Nabghare Assistant Engineer of Building and Factory of ” E” ward.
 MrS.G. Malekar known as a man of action and clean image personality had a strong political pressure he was humiliated and pressurised by the local politicians to cancel the demolition but he did it. Although the residence opposed the demolition , but the demolition suceefully carried  out by Mr.S.G.Malekar and his team.
” our campaign against the illegal construction will be continued although we have a lot of political pressure,  but we are not bothered about this, My staff is doing everything as per law it is not the demolition drive , awareness campaign among  the people against the builder mafia who misguide the innocent people and cheat them, said Kishore Desai Assistant Municipal Commissioner.


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