Demonetization anniversary congress observes black day protest at Juhu chowpaty Mumbai


    By Aleem Shaikh : ( juhu)

    On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Demonetization the congress party held protest and did candle March at juhu chowpaty western suburb of Mumbai.
    ” It was big mistake of the bjp led government because of this hasty decision lakh of people lost their jobs hundreds of people lost their lives it was mismanagement and we are still facing it’s bad effects it’s a black day in the history of the country our fight against the government will be continue our party stood with all those people who have suffered due to demonetization ” , Said Ashok chavan Maharashtra president of the congress party. Launching scathing attack on the PM Modi senior congress leader Mohan parkash said millions of people suffer d and no one can deny that lives and jobs were lost due to Demonetization it only brought hardship for common man.  The protest was attended by Sanjay Nirupm, Eknath Gaikwad, Areef Naseem khan, Maneek rao Thakrey, Baba Siddiqui and party activist.



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