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Dharavi to be the epicenter of Kamgar Panchayat on Labour Day

Dharavi to be the epicenter of Kamgar Panchayat on Labour Day

AIWTU in cooperation with AIUWC to host
Kamgar Panchayat on Labour Day

Senior Congress & distinguish Labour leaders to participate
Mumbai AIUWC: AIWTU (All India Workers Trade Union) in cooperation with AIUWC (All India Unorganised Workers Congress) of AICC (All India Congress Committee Calls for Kamgar Panchayat on Labour day i.e. 1st of May 2021, Janardan Singh, National general Secretary of AIWTU & Mumbai President of AIUWC of AICC exhorted addressing a group of unorganized workers in a meeting held in MRCC Mumbai dated 12\3\2021.
Privately, candidly he also admitted it to be the first Kamgar Panchayat in the Mumbai Kamgar movement. He also exhorted that more than 10,000 (ten thousand) unorganised Kamgars will participate and addressed by top Congress and labour leaders and will be purely a Kamgar participation for thrusting rights of unorganised workers, ignored since independence and demands National Unorganised Workers Board & National Migrant Authority /Regulator for the welfare of Indian unorganised work-force.
He warned the Indian and Maharashtra Government to immediately start Migrant Registration and fulfill all promises promised during the Corona period in Mumbai. He said,” I had already moved an application for the execution of Government schemes meant for Mumbai Unorganised Workers and want the Government of Maharashtra to immediately transfer or suspend or dismiss the concern officials who are impediment, i.e., obstacle in the way of Maharashtra and Central government scheme reaching down below to Mumbai Unorganised Workers “.He added ,”if this will not be executed he warned concerned Government Authorities that in that situation the “Shut Down” campaign of Government departments will start from 15th August, 2021 and1st May 2021 will be the beginning.”
“Workers Unity long live. You have nothing to lose but only to gain”
So, end with Workers Unity. You have nothing to lose but only to gain and coming 1st May Kamgar Panchayat epicenter being Dharavi, will be a first step in that direction to achieve what is required for Mumbai Unorganised workers.”


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