Divya Fofani Mumbai based actor anchor shares his successful journey with Hello Mumbai News

Divya Fofani Mumbai based actor anchor shares his successful journey with Hello Mumbai News

Instagram: https://instagram.com/divyafofanii?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Meet Divya Fofani. He is a 20 year old Content Creator, Anchor and an Actor based out of Mumbai. Interestingly, produces videos in the comedy/entertainment genre on Instagram. He ventured into the activity two years ago with around 1000 followers. Notably, as of now, he has proudly garnered a loyal audience of 17500 followers. Right from his school days, it was his enthusiasm to create videos, after seeing YouTubers l Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchlani and wanted to produce videos in that genre. Ironically, he didn’t have the confidence to face the camera.

Divya always loved the stage while in school. He used to participate in dramas, elocutions, street plays, etc. It was while in college that he evinced his interest for anchoring and has hosted many fests and professional events. He was caught up with these things which made eventually made him happy.

Suddenly, following the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic, all live events came to a stand still. So he was left with an option to switch to instagram reels. His friends mocked him and used all made sorts of names on him, but that neither deter him and nor he gave up.

Notwithstanding the slow growth growth and the real struggle, day-to day he used to upload videos but wasn’t getting any viewers or followers. Yet, he carried with a hope and confidence in him.

He also used to even make public reels that got him decent viewers at times. One fine day, he garnered his first 100K viewed reel and 1M viewed reel. After this, there was no looking back for Divya.

Most of his creations went viral with one particular video, despite this, he kept hitting it off. His public reels and pranks emerged more popular and he developed a strong base in that genre. From randomly clicking pictures of people surviving a night in mumbai with Rs.10 is one of the main struggle that he encountered. He felt it as a beginning. There are many people prospering in the space but, he has to yet learn a lot of things. Exciting things are coming to happen for him.

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