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Dr. Mudassir Nisar Lambe, Trustee Mahim Dargah Claims Being Framed in False Rape Case Denies Allegations

Dr. Mudassir Nisar Lambe, Trustee Mahim Dargah Claims Being Framed in False Rape Case Denies Allegations

Mumbai: Dr. Mudassir Lambe is facing a false rape allegation  made by a women who has alleged that she was raped by Dr. Mudassir Lambe.

In an exclusive interview with ‘Hello Mumbai News ‘he made it known that he has been framed in the molestation case and terms it as absolute baseless and preposterous and made to damage his reputation and malign him. He further said “I am ready to face the inquiry and I have faith in Mumbai police and the judiciary. The matter is under investigation.

This false allegation has set an advantage to some anti social elements who are trying to black mail me and extort money from me
Nevertheless, am confident that I will get justice soon. The truth will come out and the complainant will face severe consequences for her false rape case allegations.”

Mr Mudassir Lambe who is a Member of Maharashtra Waqf Board and one of the Trustees of Mahim Darragh Trust further confidently brought to light that if he had committed such an heinous crime why will he give an interview to Hello Mumbai News?

He went on to add that he has adequate evidence to prove his innocence in such type of false complaint. He further affirmed that he is very much aware of the consequences for committing such type of heinous crime which will ultimately cast aspersions on me and bring a blot in my professional career and impact on my famiIy.

Am a responsible social worker and a have a long journey to trek in my career There is no doubt a foul play against me ever since I became Member of Maharashtra Waqf Board. Frankly speaking, I have cleared more than 1500 pending files in waqf board. My work performance stands outstanding and there are some parasites who are unable to digest the good work am carrying on and hence have indulged in such foul play against me.

He further said, Some opposition party people are also trying to connect this issue with Mahim Dargah because am associated with it.

complainant has mentioned in the complaint that the alleged incident of crime happened at Mahim Dargah premises.But how it is possible.No person of sound mind can even dream of doing such a heinous crime in such a religious and sacred place.They are damaging my as well as dargah reputation.This is a pre planned conspiracy against dargah and myself.

They have crossed all limits
Am very much here and not a coward to run away when I am on a clean slate. Trust me and mark my words “truth will come out soon”.

Mr Mudassir Nisar Lambe further added he has good social connection and is truly respected and held in high esteem. I get invited for every function as I enjoy good social status and reputation in the society after becoming Member of Waqf Board. From day one people have resorted to tarnish my image and reputation because they are insecure and gripped in fear of my hard sincere work.

I will not hesitate to point out that its merely pressure tactics against me to disturb me.

In this regard, When Hello Mumbai News contacted Acting Senior police Inspector of Mahim Police Station Mr. Kamble, he refused to comment on this complaint.

Brief facts of the complaint :

A woman filed complaint at Mahim police station against Dr. Mudassir Lambe. In the complaint she has indiscriminately accused him that he raped her under the pretext of Marriage.

Important Notice.(Disclaimer)
Hello Mumbai doesn’t support any crime or any indivual who has committed any crime. we respect woman.The story is based on Dr.Mudassir Nisar Lambe’s statement fearlessly given to Hello Mumbai News.

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