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Dream Marol’ – Socialism dominates Politics -Syed Salman

Dream Marol’ – Socialism dominates Politics -Syed Salman

‘Dream Marol’ – Socialism dominates Politics
-Syed Salman

Everybody is cognizant of the evolving pandemonium in the country’s politics. From street-locale to bus-train or marriage-procession or any other social event, political discussions or debate certainly ensues.

Even at the crematorium political discussions and debates crop up. Even arguments too takes place.

It is learnt that in the last few years, a trend has escalated that political debate amidst friends of opposite ideologies has stressed relationships.

Conversations are closed. Not only friends, this disease of debate has spread amongst relatives. But the initiative taken in the Marol Locality, in the past has broken these misconceptions.

The ‘Dream Marol’ project is being run for the last one and a half years under the aegis of ‘Nayee Umang Charitable Trust’. Under this project, a resolution has been taken to make the area of Marol – clean, beautiful and educated.

Through Dream Marol Project, Blood Donation Camp, Free Medical Camp, Lectures on Women’s Health on Women’s Day, Cleanliness Drive with School Students, Traffic Problem, Teacher’s Day, Dream Marol Marathon, Various Cultural Programs, International Yoga Day and many other programs like public awareness campaign were conducted to not use single-use plastic in streets. Plastic bags remain a huge threat to the environment.

In such type of campaign, be it slums or societies, all actively participate and are take part.

All these campaigns are being run through local social workers.
Recently, PPT presentation of a list of all the programs and future plans was held in the hall of Marol Mapkhan High School and Junior College.

The unique part about this program was that it saw the presence of leaders of all parties. The event was also graced by four former corporators, including Clive Dias of Congress, Pramod Sawant of Shiv Sena (UBT), Murji Patel of BJP, Sushma Rai of Shiv Sena (Shinde faction).
Two former corporators Kamlesh Rai (Shiv Sena Shinde faction) and Priyanka Sawant (Shiv Sena UBT) sent their best wishes.
NCP leader Salim Mapkhan, VHP-Bajrang Dal and BJP leader Umesh Rane, MNS leader Rohan Sawant, Congress leader Pandurang Chavan, Yusuf Khan Pathan were notable personas to grace the

The present leaders and workers believed that they are all together to make their Marol an ideal place. They neither want name or fame nor any propaganda, but, their goal is to create an ideal Marol.

Regardless being an anonymous soldier of this campaign, they keep on conducting some program or the other every day.

Politics will not come in the way for making Marol an ideal place.
Everyone were of the opinion that we are a ‘Mumbaikar’ and a part of that is Marol, so we are also a ‘Marolkar’.

In this campaign, local Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras and Churches, Hiranandani Hospital, Seven Hills Hospital, Marol Education School, Mapkhan School and Junior College, St. John’s School, St. Lawrence School, Matoshree Sunderbai Samant Vidyalaya continue to cooperate in every way.

In the backdrop of the theme of the ‘Dream Marol’ campaign by Nayee Umang Charitable Trust on this year’s 77th Independence Day, there will be ‘No Use of Plastic’.

At the initiative, Kanishka Goraksh, Coordinator of ‘Sustainable Development and Environment Management’ of Mumbai University’s Garware Institute of Education, will be the chief guest. She will guide the public awareness campaign regarding cleanliness and environment.

The local people are happy with the all-party support being given to this campaign being run at the local level.
Atleast all the parties will emerge on one platform on the seriousness of this social problem for the betterment of the society.


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